Is Vegeta a good father

Is Goku a Bad Father? - That's what the Dragon Ball inventor says about it

Dragon Ball Game: Project Z will probably tell again that Son Goku loves his offspring - but is just always busy.

It is nowhere near the first time someone has questioned Son Goku's paternal qualities. After all, the hero is constantly busy beating up overpowering enemies (or being dead) while Chi-Chi (or Piccolo) takes care of the offspring completely.

But that Dragon Ball inventor Akira Toriyama also gives his mustard on this subject is rather rare.

Son Goku prefers to fight instead of taking care of the children

In the official manga for the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly there is also a question-and-answer session with Toriyama, which also deals with Son Goku's failures as a parent. (Translation via cipher)

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According to Toriyama, this is not necessarily a problem for Son Goku, but rather owed to his origin as a Saiyajin. Here is a summary of Toriyama's statements:

"By nature, Saiyajins are primarily concerned with increasing the number of powerful warriors among their people, so the bonds between parent and child are not particularly strong. King Vegeta and Paragus exploit their sons to promote their own ambitions and theirs Acting out proudly while Bardock, rather unusual for a Saiyan and an Earthling, has a certain affection for his son. When I think about it, Goku doesn't seem to think too often about his children either. "

Toriyama then also recognizes the irony that it was precisely the "soft" side of Bardock that led to Son Goku becoming the (multiple) savior of the universe in the first place.

Furthermore, the Dragon Ball inventor also comes up with the question of why Vegeta seems to be doing a better job here. But this is mainly due to Bulma's tenacity, who doesn't let Vegeta get away with anything.

How do you actually see it? Is Goku a Good Father?

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