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Documentary in the First: Alcohol - The global intoxication

SEND DATE Mon., 04.01.21 | 11:20 pm | The first

Alcohol: No substance in the world is so familiar to us and its effects are so incredibly diverse. You can get it anywhere - and it affects all 200 billion neurons in the human brain. But hardly anyone describes alcohol as a drug, despite its psychoactive and cell-destroying effects. Why do we just allow three million people worldwide to die every year?

For thousands of years we have turned a blind eye to the dangers and risks of alcohol consumption. Many like to drink - too often and too much. What role does the powerful alcohol industry with an annual turnover of 1.2 trillion euros play in this consistent concealment?

The documentary will change the drinking habits of the audience

Grimme Prize winner Andreas Pichler ("The Milk System") seeks answers to the questions why we drink at all, what alcohol does to us and how much industry influences society and politics. He travels around the world from Germany via England to Nigeria to uncover the aggressive trading practices of the global alcohol industry, which seeks growth in new markets by all means. And he visits Iceland, which has achieved the U-turn: where hordes of drunkards roamed the streets 20 years ago, today young people there master the need for relaxation and life doping without alcohol.

"Alcohol - The Global Intoxication" does not raise a forefinger, but it will change the drinking habits of every viewer permanently.

A film by Andreas Pichler

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