What is aptX technology

Listen wirelessly in CD quality with Bluetooth® aptX®

  • Does the Teufel Bluetooth USB adapter (for Raumfeld 2 devices) support aptX?

    • Hello Andreas, the adapter does not support aptX

  • aptX supports ~ 320kbit / s
    aptX HD supports ~ 520kbit / s
    LDAC supports 990kbit / s

    An audio CD has 1420kbit / s
    A Hi-Res audio file is often over 4000kbit / s

    None of the Bluetooth protocols currently on the market can play back music in audio CD quality, LDAC comes so close that no one will likely ever hear a difference, no more and no less. And outside of the Sony world, hardly any product supports LDAC

    • Hello Vamp898, thank you for your feedback, do you have any sources that support your information? That would be really helpful here

  • Hello,
    First of all, thank you very much for the useful offer of a blog. Now to my question: after reading the previous posts, I am still not sure whether the Airy 2 is suitable for watching TV or not. Plan to buy a transmitter for your television that supports all popular codecs.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Joe, the Airy is suitable for Bluetooth transmitters. It's best to try pairing the future transmitter with the Airy in the store beforehand, then you'll be safe

  • Hello,

    Does the Bomster Pro support the AptX Low Latency mode if the BT transmitter on the TV (AvanTree Oasis) can?

    Thank you and best regards

    • Hello Siggi, we don't have a “Bomster Pro” in our portfolio. Please contact our support team at teufel.de/kontakt with the exact product name

  • Hello,
    have a cell phone with bluetooth 4.0 without aptx. Can I still use the Move BT headphones?
    If so, do I have any restrictions?

    • Hello Mathias, the very highest signal quality (aptX) is not available, but you can otherwise use the Move BT without restrictions.

  • Hello,
    Windows 10 supports APTX (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/component-guidelines/bluetooth), unfortunately it also depends on drivers. In the case of Intel Wifi / Bluetooth adapters such as 7265/3165/7260/3160/8260, it is described at [http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/intel-aptx-driver-download.794032/] how to proceed with DELL can download a driver that retrofits APTX for these Intel adapters. Then, during pairing, it will briefly show that APTX is active.
    There is also a "Bluetooth Tweaker" (https://www.bluetoothgoodies.com/tweaker/) that can display the status.

    • Hello DerHerbert, thank you very much for the interesting feedback. We will take up the topic again here in the blog if necessary.

  • Hello devil team,
    The Ocean’s 11 soundbar can play music e.g. from a smartphone via Bluetooth. Is aptX supported here?


  • How does it look with AptX HD?
    Are there any plans for future products regarding support or even updates for existing devices?

    • Hello Daniel, we are already familiar with the new codec. Whether and when we equip something with it also depends on market developments.

  • Which headphones would be the right ones to preferably watch TV and not have a noticeable time delay between picture and sound? We need two pieces (woman and me) and the whole thing without cables.
    Is there a good solution from you ???

    • Hello Steffen, if we understand you correctly, you would like to use two headphones wirelessly on the TV at the same time. This technology is possible, but it is still in its infancy. If your TV already offers this function, you can try out the Bluetooth headphones there. Since we do not offer a Bluetooth splitter that is required for this type of connection, we cannot really recommend one - this one sounds interesting here> https://amzn.to/2mUuhlO.

  • I would like to get the Real Blue NC. However, I would have to know beforehand whether these are compatible with my Huawei P20 Pro. Can you please tell me which bluetooth codecs the headphones support?

    • Hello Simon, since the SBC codec, which is standard in every Bluetooth version, is used with the Real Blue NC, the headphones should always be compatible. Have fun!

  • Hello,
    a colleague is raving about his new Bluetooth Airy headphones. When I was looking for a present for my wife, that piqued my interest. In order to cover my wife's two typical use cases (listening to music and watching TV), I found out that BT headphones must support the aptX low latency codec in order to be able to reproduce lip-synchronicity.
    Are there BT headphones (or will there soon be one) from Teufel that support this profile?

    • Hello Bernd, from the editorial office's point of view, the codec mentioned is not absolutely necessary to achieve LipSync. Usually the TV menu offers a LipSync adjustment function anyway. Please note that both the TV as the transmitter and the headphones as the receiver must offer this codec so that it can be used at all.

  • I have a question about the Real blue NC. Does this unit support AptX or maybe even AptX HD? The real blue does not I read but I hope the higher priced NC will do.
    As for the range and stability, if you can choose to deactivate AptX with a key combination I think this problem can be solved.

    • Hi Martijn, our REAL headphones do not support aptX but are enabled for streaming via Bluetooth 4.0. It is the active noise cancellation of the Real BLUE NC that makes them different from the Real BLUE.

  • Hello, can I use a mic with Bluetooth APTX and play stereo sound at the same time?

    • Hello Stefan, that depends more on the system than on the codec. You need two sources and ideally a mixer for both source signals, which can then be output together (in stereo) on one system

  • Why don't all Teufel Bluetooth devices (e.g. the "Real blue") support the aptx codec when the codex ensures better sound quality?

    • Hello Kai,

      Compared to aptX, the Bluetooth Codec SBC supported by Teufel devices enables overall more stable transmission over a longer range. A fact that technically plays a major role in the use, especially with streaming systems and headphones. What use is the best sound if the playback stutters?

      Furthermore, the following point speaks against the integration of aptX in some product lines: in order to be able to use aptX, the player must also support this codec. However, this is not the case with all Apple smartphones and the majority of Android smartphones. However, the license fees for the feature that cannot be used by many are still due and unnecessarily increase the purchase price.
      That is why we do not offer Bluetooth with aptX for all products.

      • Have a Sony NWZ A15 MP3 player which supports Aptx, does that mean the Real Blue can only use SBC ?, and then can't use aptx, i.e. priority on sound quality?

      • Hello Mike, in favor of the range and stability, we don't have an aptX in this model.

  • As far as I know, the iphone doesn't support the aptX codec. Does that mean that the Move-BT cannot be used on the iphone, or only to a limited extent?

    • Hello Arnold, the hardware of the headphones is fully usable. As soon as Apple also supports aptX, this codec can also be used.

  • Nice if you now have a device that supports AptX such as Mute BT, how do I find the right BT drivers for Windows 8.1 and LogiLink BT0037 USB BT adapter so that I can safely use aptX in the transmission and how can I determine with Windows on-board resources whether the A2DP connection that is currently also using aptX?

    • Hello Fernand, some Bluetooth transmitters offer an LED that lights up as soon as aptX is transmitted. This is apparently not the case with your adapter. There remains a Windows analysis tool like wireshark> https://wiki.wireshark.org/Bluetooth. Greetings from Berlin

  • Moin - I bought a Kombo 22 and saw that there was no headphone jack.
    Would it work if i buy bluetooh headphones?
    Or what options do I have with this system?
    Greetings Stephan

    • Hello Stephan, with Kombo 22 you can't use headphones - not even via Bluetooth.

  • I check the operation of Teufel boxes but don't know how I can read the user-supported codecs for Bluetooth on my Windows 10 computer or smartphone. In particular whether aptx is supported. I couldn't read anything from the notebook's manual. Not in the control panel either. Can this be done using a direct query command in the "CMD" command box?
    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear blog reader,

      You can find an overview of hardware currently supported by aptX under this link directly at aptX> http://www.aptx.com/products/browse/categories
      Some devices also have functions that indicate via an LED whether the device is receiving aptX or not.

      If in doubt, we recommend that you ask the manufacturer directly.