Are there 4DX theaters in India

4dx theater

What is 4dx theater?

Have you been there? I think we're not new to 3D cinema. The screen effect of the screen is easy to understand. The three-dimensional sense is stronger, mostly in visual endeavors. Now that you know 3D, do you know 4dx theater?

So called 4dx theater in India is a new type of cinema based on 3D stereo cinema and environment special effects simulation. That is, the three-dimensional stereo film and the environment simulation consist of a four-dimensional space.

4d cinema equipment generally consists of three elements: three-dimensional projection system, 4D special effects seat and special effects equipment, computer control system. These three synergies put four-dimensional special effects devices, acoustic photovoltaic technology, a variety of environmental special effects devices and carefully crafted three-dimensional films together as a whole to stimulate the audience's visual, acoustic, tactile, taste, smell and olfactory image to reproduce other senses the theme of the film dealing with the environment, the environment with various details and how the audience feels in a given environment, creating an overall immersive effect.

The dynamic 4D seat contains the stunt effects that the computer controls generate according to the plot of the film: falling, shaking, spraying water or knocking the legs. Another with carefully designed smoke, rain, electronics, bubbles, sets, etc. to introduce 3D film and television to mobilize the audience's sight, hearing, touch, smell and other all-encompassing emotions.

Our 4dx theater includes

● movement

Dynamic movement and movements that lift, roll and tilt

● water

Various water effects like water shot and fog

● rain

Soft or heavy rain and even showers with rain effects

● fog

Explosions, smoke and fog become a reality

● wind

A light breeze or a turbulent storm in the comfort of the auditorium

● Vibration

Trembling and rumbling with the effects on the screen

● air

Different combinations of aerial shots create a lively feeling

● Flash

Thunder with flashes of light only a few centimeters away

● bubbles

Bubbles fill the auditorium and create a fantastic atmosphere

● Fragrances

A variety of fragrant scents spread in the auditorium

● Tickler

Back and leg ticklers awaken your senses to excitement

● rainstorm

Heavy storm with rain all over the auditorium

● snow

Floating snow brings a radiant ambience into the auditorium

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