What is a structural and molecular formula

Molecular formula and structural formula of calcium carbide

Molecular formula and structural formula of calcium carbide


H2S,% (V / V)≤ 0,060,04
PH3,% (V / V)≤0,060,04
Gas yield, L / KG≥ 280290
SIZE, MM50-80MM86.8%


The chemical name of calcium carbide is calcium carbide, the molecular formula is CaC2, and the appearance is a gray, brown, black or brown block of solid. It is the basic raw material of the organic synthetic chemical industry. Using calcium carbide as a raw material can synthesize a number of organic compounds. It is industry and agriculture, medicine provides raw materials.

Its main uses are:

(1) acetylene through the reaction of calcium carbide with water can synthesize many organic

Compounds, such as synthetic rubber, artificial resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc .; At the same time, acetylene-oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.

(2) When heating powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, it reacts to form calcium cyanamide, that is, lime nitrogen. The cyanide melt through the reaction of heating lime nitrogen and table salt is used in gold mining and non-ferrous metal industries.

(3) calcium carbide itself can be used as a desulfurizer in the steel industry. Calcium carbide (CaC2) Is commonly known as calcium carbide. Industrial products are gray, yellow-brown, or black, and those with higher calcium carbide are purple. Its newly created cross-section is glossy, gray or off-white when it absorbs moisture into the air. Can carry current, the higher the purity, the better the conductivity. Can absorb moisture in the air. It is broken down into acetylene and calcium hydroxide by adding water. It reacts with nitrogen to produce calcium cyanamide.


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