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- Aviation FlightLog Office

50354 Huerth, Krankenhausstr. 65

supports with flight planning and especially with the scheduling of pilots. Among other things, it is checked whether pilots have already gained experience with the destination airport and whether the crew has observed the legally prescribed rest periods.

Statistics functions help to evaluate the collected data. In this way, the utilization per aircraft, fuel consumption or flight hours can be evaluated.

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AIRMAN is a monitoring and management system developed by Airbus and introduced in 2000. It is used to record the condition and forecast of fly-by-wire aircraft. AIRMAN is part of Air +, Airbus' comprehensive portfolio of products and services to optimize fleet operations. The last version (V9) of AIRMAN was published in November 2006.

The aim of the system is to detect malfunctions in advance and thereby reduce the downtime of an aircraft. With the AIRMAN system, the activities of the aircraft systems are monitored during the flight and the information is passed on to maintenance on the ground in real time. This information can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet using Internet technology. AIRMAN can be used both as a stand-alone system and integrated into the IT systems of an airline. While the usefulness of this system is generally difficult to quantify, it is estimated that every hour of flying, it saves 10 minutes in maintenance.

The application area of ​​AIRMAN can be divided into three areas:

  • Line maintenance and Maintenance Control Center:
    Thanks to the real-time recording of data, maintenance can be informed in advance of aircraft malfunctions. In combination with the technical documentation and recommended troubleshooting, repair measures can be initiated more quickly. Successful maintenance work is documented in a database and made available for future troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance Control Center advanced:
    The identification of a deteriorating system allows an error to be corrected before it is noticed by the pilot. This way, potential delays due to a defect can be avoided. The AIRMAN system makes it possible to create statistical analysis of errors and warning histories in order to identify systems in advance that are very likely to fail. The result of this analysis leads to the task list. Experts can use this list to initiate further repair measures.
  • Technology (engineering):
    The recorded maintenance data is recorded in the history database. This enables more detailed investigations of unforeseen maintenance cases. AIRMAN supports report functions that enable the user to follow the development of the fleet status and the availability of the aircraft.

More than 84 airlines worldwide use AIRMAN and over 2000 aircraft are monitored by AIRMAN. US Airways is the largest user and uses AIRMAN in more than 200 Airbus aircraft.

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Autonomic Logistics Information System

The software (Autonomic Logistics Information System) is software that supports the technical operation of the F-35 aircraft.

ALIS serves as the infrastructure for distributing the information that the F-35 transmits to maintenance during the flight. The F-35's health management system can provide information during flight if there are any problems. Maintenance can then initiate the repair measures on the ground and, for example, order components.

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- Aircraft Maintenance Office

50354 Huerth, Krankenhausstr. 65

manages the needs of smaller airlines, regional airlines and maintenance companies. The software also takes regional airlines and smaller airlines into account.

Maintenance activities such as changing components are verified. Complaints are recorded and their remedies are documented.

In a combination of flight times and part changes, the reliability of components can be calculated as the Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals.

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Swiss AviationSoftware Limited
CH-4002 Basel, P.O.Box To the route sketch

AMOS (Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System; originally Aircraft Maintenance and Operation Software) is software for aircraft maintenance. It is used in the area of ​​maintenance control at airlines. The system is programmed and maintained by the Swiss company Swiss AviationSoftware. The software is an integrated software solution which makes it possible to control the maintenance, technology and logistical requirements of airlines. AMOS is programmed in JAVA and managed the data with a Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise data management system.

The system consists of the following modules that work together on a common relational database:

  • Material Management
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Maintenance planning
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Qualification System
  • Component Maintenance
  • Maintenance Operations Control
  • interface

The system has been developed since the early 1990s and is now in its third generation. The software was originally developed by the IT department of CROSSAIR (now SWISS) in direct contact with the airline's aviation staff. In 2004, the AMOS business was transferred from the Swiss IT department to Swiss AviationSoftware, a 100% subsidiary of SWISS.

According to Swiss AviationSoftware, more than 45 customers use AMOS (as of early 2007). In addition to SWISS, this also includes Thomas Cook, germanwings and TUIfly.

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- Aviation Stocks and Orders

50354 Huerth, Krankenhausstr. 65

manages the requirements of a Part145 company, such as order processing and warehouse management.

The functions include the areas of incoming and outgoing goods, label printing, booking history as well as warehouse monitoring and inventory.

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ASA Datec data systems 59929 Brilon, Hohlweg 5

ASA-AMOffice © is a cost-effective and reliable aviation maintenance software for every maintenance company and every CAMO. From gliders, helicopters and balloons to commercial aircraft, every aircraft can be managed with ASA-AMOffice ©. ASA-AMOffice © is now used in many European countries and is available in both German and English.

With ASA-AMOffice © all daily maintenance work is significantly simplified and accelerated. ASA-AMOffice © offers:

  • Intuitive operation
  • All documents of the
  • Findings reports, LTA // overviews, status reports, operating times overviews
  • Monitoring of all intervals of an aircraft
  • Standard forms (EASA Form 15a / b, various test reports, weighing reports, etc.)
  • Aircraft-independent (number, size, type)
  • Available in both German and English
  • Very large document database (SBs, TMs, EASA ADs, FAA ADs from 1965, LTAs, NfL II and international TCDS and national data sheets)
  • Link to an online logbook for comparing the aircraft times

A free version for testing can be requested from the company's website.

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Mission support system

EADS Germany, Defense Electronics, 88039 Friedrichshafen

The operational support system for aircraft () is an electronic planning system for military aircraft developed on behalf of the German Armed Forces by the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (). The versions for the Eurocopter Tiger, NH90 and CH-53 G / GS / GA are in use; the development order was placed in December 2000. The operational support system is part of the Operations Support Systems product range ().

The EUA is able to process and manage all data and information for the operation of the aircraft for the data carrier interfaces and the radio data transmission interfaces to the aircraft from a tactical and technical point of view. This should enable the use of the aircraft by using one system for different types of aircraft with less effort and greater accuracy, for example by transmitting additional reconnaissance data.

It thus represents the link between the command and information system and specialist information system (including in) via the command post organization to the aircraft and the organizational tasks and operational processes required for this. It is part of the tactical-operational (TakOp) and the technical-logistical (TechLog) part divided.

Technically logistical part
The is able to process all data and information for the operation of the aircraft for the data carrier interfaces and the radio data interfaces to the aircraft. This applies both tactically and technically. This makes the mission support system a link between command and information systems and the combat organizations to the helicopter.

The technical-logistical part supports the technology of a flying association with:

  • the acquisition and archiving of the aircraft raw data
  • the interpretation and conversion of the data
  • the addition of missing or incorrect data
  • Aircraft technology processes based on SAP
  • Planning of maintenance measures
  • Technical follow-up of the flights

Tactically operational part
This is how the entire deployment planning takes place. This covers the following areas:

  • Flight path planning
  • Aviation orders
  • Flight performance bill
  • Load management and center of gravity calculation
  • Communication planning
  • aeronautical planning for flights in civil airspace and in military areas
  • Support for ongoing missions
  • Mission follow-up (aeronautical, tactical, statistical)
  • Provision of long-term data (including maps and aeronautical data)
  • Operation of the interfaces with the preparation of the information for the aircraft

The system has been used in Le Luc in the training company since the beginning of October 2004.2 For the first NH90 at the HFlgWaS in Bückeburg, the SAP productive system is currently being operated at the Friedrichshafen location. A final replacement of this share is to take place - as already happened for the UH Tiger - by SASPF.

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Lufthansa Systems Marketing Communications
65451 Kelsterbach, Am Weiher 24

is part of the AdvancedCargo Suite from Lufthansa Systems and was developed to support freight airlines in the areas of booking, tracking and ground handling as well as invoicing. The system is used at 26 airports in Asia, Europe and South America. The solution covers the entire work process, from technical processing to documentation, customs clearance and billing of all handling-related services. As a modular web or client-server solution, it increases throughput, reduces costs and creates the necessary conditions for optimal customer service.

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IFS is a global provider of (software) business applications. IFS was founded in 1983 and today employs around 2,600 people worldwide.

The company has a user base of over 500,000 in industries such as automotive, engineering, telecommunications, and aerospace & defense. IFS Application offers software to plan the company's resources in the operational process. This also includes Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (CPM) and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

The MRO in particular is used in aviation to optimize the processes in the facility. Airlines, charter companies and air freight companies used this software for fleet management.

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J&W Computer Consulting
50769 Cologne, Neusser Landstrasse 384

JAM is a system for the electronic management of aircraft life cycle records. It is designed for maintenance operations in aircraft hangars for private aircraft. The data in the system is used to monitor maintenance cycles and aeronautical instructions.

JAM is programmed in the Java programming language. This means that the software is platform-independent and can be used with several operating systems. The data is stored centrally on a database server.

A special feature of the software is the fact that you can test the help system online. This contains extensive explanations and screenshots of the software. All you need is a Java environment and a good network connection.

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LTB 400

LTB400 Aviation Software
85399 Hallbergmoos, Lilienthalstrasse 25

The LTB / 400 system is developed by LTB400 Aviation Software, which has been programming maintenance systems for medium-sized aviation repair companies since 1984.

The LTB 400 system supports all technical tasks of aeronautical maintenance companies, which are certified according to Part-145. and has interfaces to technical and commercial processes.

LTB 400 is a modular system that supports all functions, among others, the following functions:

  • Electronic curriculum vitae
  • Aircraft surveillance
  • Flight data acquisition
  • Order and work plan
  • Recording of complaints from flight operations
  • Service bulleting administration
  • Digital job card
  • Creation of official forms
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Mxi Technologies
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa, 1430 Blair Place

Maintenix is ​​software for airlines and maintenance companies. The areas of maintenance, engineering, material supply and fleet management are supported. The software is based on six modules that are interconnected.

  1. Maintenance engineering (system maintenance)
  2. Line Maintenance
  3. Heavy maintenance (repair)
  4. Shop maintenance (maintenance in the workshop)
  5. Materials Management (material supply)
  6. Finance (finance modules)

The system uses a web-based n-tier architecture and offers advanced capabilities such as role-based web browser interface, automatic workflow, electronic signature and support for portable wireless devices (notebook, PDA). It is possible to have the system hosted by a third party so that the customer does not need his own server and does not need an installation to use the program.

Well-known customers who use Maintenix are Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Qantas, The Boing Company, Thales, Dassault Aviation. Maintenix modules are also used in the Joint Strike Fighter (Lockheed Martin F-35) program.

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MINT TMS training management software

MINT (Media Interactive Software) Systems
24118 Kiel, Fraunhoferstraße 13, Kiel Science Center

The flexible and modular training and records management software "MINT TMS" is based on the most modern and innovative software technologies and is used in the aviation industry and other branches of industry with high training requirements in order to meet the complex requirements of efficient, electronic data management. The software is developed by MINT Software Systems at its Kiel location and other international locations in Colombia and Dubai and is sold worldwide.

MINT Software Systems is the world's leading provider of innovative learning and training management systems as well as AQP (Advanced Qualification Program) software and ATQP (Alternative Training and Qualification Program) software in the aviation industry and offers its international customers a full range of different services. Well-known aviation customers from all over the world, such as the Lufthansa Group, Emirates Airlines, FedEx, Air Berlin, Avianca, Jet Blue Airways and many others use the software to plan and manage their training data.

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/ - Maintenance Organization Invoice / TimeSheet

50354 Huerth, Krankenhausstr. 65

(Maintenance Organization Invoice) creates invoices, while (Maintenance Organization TimeSheet) manages HR data.
Both components take into account the requirements in maintenance companies (Part145 companies).

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Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (Oracle) is an application for aircraft maintenance. The application module was re-presented by Oracle in April 2003.1 It was specially developed for companies in the aerospace industry.

Oracle uses the techniques of Oracle Fusion Middleware and the Oracle Database 10g. It is characterized above all by the fact that it is integrated into the logistics chain. With this product, the planning of the value chain and the management of the fleet configuration are combined in a single system. It is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite and has 22 interfaces to other parts of it.

Complex performs the following tasks:

  • Configuration Management
  • Maintenance planning
  • Maintenance Execution
  • Technical data management (engineering data management)
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82234 Weßling, Argelsrieder Feld 22

With the Planet software, the flight crew receives an inexpensive satellite terminal for the exchange of data (for weather information). This exchange is bidirectional. It is therefore possible to share comprehensive weather information from the area around the aircraft with people on the ground.

On board the aircraft, the Planet Box provides an interface between the user application and the aircraft's communication system. The graphic interface for the Planet functions runs on various electronic flight bags (e.g. also notebooks or tablets). On the ground, the Planet Server collects the information and distributes it.

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prodefis - training management software for the aviation industry

12203 Berlin, Undinestrasse 27

prodefis is a privately owned family company that offers specialized training management software for the aviation industry. The products were developed for airlines in close cooperation with airlines. The company is based in Germany and serves customers worldwide, such as the entire Lufthansa Group, Tui Airlines Group, Cathay Pacific Airways and others.

The training management software includes:

  • PRODEFIS TPMS - Training and Performance Monitoring System, EBT, ATQP, AQP
  • PRODEFIS COURSE - Training Scheduling, Qualification Management, Resource Management
  • PRODEFIS E-FILE - Electronic Personnel Files and Employee Self-Service
  • PRODEFIS LMS - Learning Management System

Software in addition to training management are:

  • PRODEFIS AIS - Airline Information System
  • PRODEFIS CAP - Crew Travel Management System

Detailed information about the company, products and services can be found on the website.

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Ramco Systems

CH-4020 Basel, Lange Gasse 90

Ramco Systems Limited is an international company that produces business software. It was originally founded in 1989 as part of Ramco Industries and then spun off as a subsidiary in 1999. The company has 19 branches worldwide and employs over 2000 people.

The company offers the product Ramco Aerospace for the aerospace sector. It offers functions for servicing and maintenance as well as for flight operations.

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SAP Aerospace & Defense

69190 Walldorf, Hasso-Plattner-Ring 7

SAP Aerospace & Defense () is an industry solution from the software company SAP for companies in the aerospace sector. The solution offers support for the areas of line maintenance (minor maintenance work on the airfield), base maintenance (major maintenance work) and component repair. It can be used in the defense, production, flight operations and maintenance, repair and overhaul industries. The software solution is used by more than 100 companies in the maintenance industry.1 The Aerospace & Defense solution covers the following areas:

  • Maintenance engineering
    Documentation, maintenance plans and other documents are managed. Construction status monitoring is also covered by this function.
  • Spare parts management
    The tracking of spare parts as well as the consumption of aircraft parts in the past enables SAP.
  • Maintenance planning
    Functions for evaluating capacities and component availability are provided. The analysis of completed repair measures flows into the planning of work steps. This is intended to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in advance in order to minimize downtimes. A project management system is integrated to handle larger maintenance orders. If contracts are awarded to external companies as part of repair measures, the steps can be monitored.
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