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12 Effective Ways You Can Get More SoundCloud Plays

I know how much your music means to you.

You've finally released a song or album, and of course now you want people to hear it too.

Advertising is the surest way to get known. After all, the main reason you became a musician is to share your music with the world. You love your music, but it is just as important to you that others love it too, right?

Showing your music to the world is just the beginning. If you don't have an agent, it's up to you to promote your music and, for example, upload more tracks to SoundCloud.

I'm going to show you twelve ways in which you can achieve your goal and get more SoundCloud Plays. Admittedly, eleven of the twelve take some effort, and some ask a lot more than others, but it will be worth it in the end. So let's start.

1. Network with other SoundCloud artists

Musicians love music. You can therefore not only concentrate on your own music if you want to make your music known.

There are other artists out there making music similar to you - or at least musicians in the same genre as you. Find these musicians and give them praise for the songs they produce.

By networking with others, your own music will play more often - even if it's only initially done by the other artists you've connected with to learn about your music. As you probably know, if your songs are called up and played more often, you will get more SoundCloud plays. So this attention can only be good for you.

Here is the rough procedure:

  • Find three or four musicians who aren't that popular yet, but who are making the same kind of music you like.
  • Connect with these musicians via SoundCloud and other social media channels. Play their music, comment on their new posts, and track their progress.
  • Look for opportunities to post link to your own tracks in comments or when someone asks you to share without being intrusive.
  • Participate in discussions about music and don't hesitate to share information about yourself and your musical experiences.

If you do this consistently every day, you will soon become more visible to the artists you follow and the people who follow them. These are SoundCloud followers who already like your type of music, so it's only a matter of time before they start discovering your tracks and looking for you on SoundCloud.

2. Use Facebook to promote a song.

Facebook is your music sharing power tool!

Users will be amazed by the music as they scroll through their feed. If you already have a lot of friends on Facebook, it's time to create a fan page and turn those friends into Facebook fans.

A musician or band page on Facebook allows you to share your tracks as you create them. You can then transfer your contributions from the musicians' page to your personal profile and so you can get more SoundCloud Plays.

Ultimately, you want to expand your Facebook fan page a lot so that it isn't just liked by your friends. The fastest way to do this is through Facebook advertising. This is fast, cheap and is aimed at a specific target group.

When you use Facebook Ads, you are essentially promoting a post. In this case, this post is a track on SoundCloud. You can target your ad to people who are already listening to music styles similar to yours.

It won't be long before the likes will roll over to your page. And so you will get more and more SoundCloud plays. This ultimately ensures more visibility on SoundCloud itself and your music is made accessible to more and more users.

3. Connect with and interact on subreddits

In order to grow your fan base, you need to create fan pages. A great place to do this is on the Reddit website. You can post your music on subreddits that link to your website first and of course to SoundCloud at the end.

Reddit is an excellent initiative that enables new artists to publish original tracks. The rule is that any song posted on a Saturday must either be a new release or something you created yourself.

Take advantage of this initiative by posting your new creation on a subreddit anytime during a Saturday. Reddit is becoming a must for music lovers looking for original music - just like you!

Reddit and SoundCloud work hand in hand to promote new artists like you. The two platforms come together nicely on Reddit, as you can see below:

The site is fed original music weekly, so head over to Reddit's SoundCloud tab now and start building your fan base.

If you have a budget to promote your music, consider buying Reddit's sponsored links. In this way, Reddit increases the visibility of your music and it gets played more often on SoundCloud.

4. Use YouTube and Facebook to attract more attention

We've already talked about the Facebook appearance of your music. But there's another powerful way to use Facebook; via YouTube.

In many ways, YouTube is a better social platform than any other. Why? Studies show that YouTube videos are shared more often and receive more comments and likes than any other form of online content.

What does that mean for you?

Yep, you already figured it out; a MUSIC VIDEO!

I know it sounds scary, expensive, and time consuming. But producing a music video for the new track you just created will take your SoundCloud profile to the next level!

YouTube is the base that your music video will be hosted on and Facebook will be the tool that you will use to distribute the music video. The two form a powerful synergy when used properly.

Drum & bass and dance music artists often create simple videos that are nothing more than slide shows of beautiful art, beautiful women or landscapes. These can seem boring and cheap at first, but they work very well with long remixes that are longer than 15 minutes.

If you don't have the budget to create a mind-boggling video, use your imagination and some other ideas will come up. Here's some inspiration to get you started:

  • Animate a video instead of filming it. Animation costs less and there are tons of graphic design students out there who want the chance to create a video for you at a reasonable cost.
  • Outsource your video production to a freelance platform like UpWork or Fiverr. You can find competitive prices and high quality work from video animators in third world countries.
  • Learn to make your own videos at home. It's cheap, fun, and if you do it enough times, you'll get better.

Remember to always link your YouTube videos and Facebook posts to your SoundCloud profile. This is about making others aware of SoundCloud so that you ultimately get more SoundCloud plays.

5. Buy SoundCloud Plays for your own account

You can buy SoundCloud Plays for your own music. This costs less than other advertising measures and immediately increases visibility on SoundCloud, as the algorithm is based on popularity. The more you (or others) buy, the more your music will be seen by fans who follow your genre.

Buying SoundCloud Plays isn't a long-term solution, but it's a great way to get the ball rolling. If you're finally ready to get started, it's an option worth considering.

6. Promote your music on Twitter

What are you trying to say with your music? Music is a strong cultural element. You can take advantage of this by generating followers on Twitter and associating them with your music.

If you follow other artists you already know how effective this can be. Fans want to get into the minds of their favorite musicians and love to hear from them. Even your not-so-big fans will enjoy a tweet about your creative process or a recent collaboration.

7. Hypeddit was made for you

There are as many artists as you out there trying to promote their music. In addition to using subreddits, you must join Hypeddit for the track promotion.

Hypeddit is specially designed for new musicians who dedicate themselves to music production. It works in conjunction with SoundCloud, but is more specific to new and original songs like yours. Similar to the subreddits discussed earlier, Hypeddit is like "Rocket Fuel for Your SoundCloud Profile".

And this is how it works

Hypeddit requires you to offer your music for free in exchange for fans. Because publicity is everything, you want as many people as possible to hear your music.

When someone downloads your track, they will be redirected to your “fan gate”. Here you can download your track without paying for it. In return, they'll become a fan of yours. The more fans you get, the more SoundCloud plays you get.

It's about increasing your visibility. You will generate real fans that will benefit you in the long term. SoundCloud also recognizes your increased popularity and starts to rate your music higher.

8. How to Get More SoundCloud Plays with Blogging

Be honest. You failed to blog about your latest track, didn't you? It's one of those tasks that seem boring, but it's actually a lot of fun and very effective.

Best of all, you don't have to blog specifically about your music.All you have to do is refer to it every now and then and add links to your SoundCloud profile, albums or tracks. Topics you could cover are:

  • How to get started in the industry
  • Music culture in relation to your genre
  • Music reviews within genres similar to yours
  • Instructions on how to use each music platform to promote music (like this one)
  • Artist biographies

Use your blogs to include links to your music videos, songs, and other websites that host your music. Create an online bubble that continuously generates information and makes it easy for fans to find you.

9. Use relevant tags when posting your music

Tagging is very important at SoundCloud. The point of tagging is to help listeners find you. These are listeners who don't know you exist, but they like your type of music. It's important that you use the kind of tags that listeners use to search for music.

Tags can range from genres to instruments. Put yourself in the shoes of a fan you want to reach. What kind of keywords will they use when searching for your type of music on SoundCloud?

  • Guitar?
  • Acoustic?
  • Skirt?
  • Original?
  • Alternative?

You should also include your artist or band name. You want to create awareness. People are looking for you right now, you just need to sprinkle the right breadcrumb trail to help them find you. This is exactly what tags on SoundCloud are intended for.

10. Create stunning album art

How many tracks do you see on SoundCloud that don't have thumbnails? These songs are neglected and easily overlooked.

Artwork helps grab the attention of SoundCloud fans and fans in general. It will make you look twice before scrolling any further. Having a great design for your albums and tracks will help your music stand out from the crowd.

Be unique. Be creative. Get a design concept for your album. You or someone else can create album art. Make art a part of your musical journey and help people identify with your music on a deeper level.

11. Write guest posts for other sites

If you want Google to start promoting your music across the web, guest posting is the way to go.

Guest posting is a white hat method of creating links across the Internet. Link building helps you gain authority and relevance in everything you do online.

It's as easy as blogging for other websites, but there is more potential behind it:

  • Backlinks are created that refer back to your website, tracks, and other online activities.
  • It gives you visibility by accessing the fan bases of other blogs, websites and music platforms.
  • It allows you to create a culture around your music - a culture that your SoundCloud followers can relate to.
  • Finally, it opens up the possibility of socializing with other artists and other important musicians in the music industry.

How can you start guest posting?

  • Just contact some great sites from your niche.
  • Ask them if you can blog for them.
  • Write a 2000 word article that is interesting, catchy, relevant, and informative.
  • Include a link in the article that leads to your own blog or one of your SoundCloud tracks.
  • Add two or three more links on your blog that lead to high quality websites like YouTube, SoundCloud’s blog page, or websites that fit your genre.

12. Stay active in promoting your music

Be consistent. If you want to start guest posting, do it regularly. Stay active for the next several weeks and you will soon become indistinguishable. You will be found, heard and can finally get more SoundCloud Plays.

To do this, devote half an hour to your social media activity every day. Spend (about) another hour blogging. Browse through any platform discussed here and visit weekly to promote and grow your fan base. The further you go on the web, the faster you will get more SoundCloud Plays!

Ultimately, your music will sell itself. If you take pride in the tracks you've produced and think they're worth sharing, others will think so too. Your music has a chance to be universally recognized and that is exactly what fulfills you in your calling as an artist. Now that you know how to get more SoundCloud plays, get down to work and watch your online presence expand. If music is your passion, get started right away! Your passion will be seen - one way or another.