What seduces men most about breasts

With my tricks you can get any man to bed

For Jacqueline Horner, self-confidence is the key to ultimate seduction.

Wrapping men around your fingers is one of my easiest exercises. In contrast to us women, men are relatively simple and easy to seduce with the right tricks!

Dear ladies, what I can do, you can do it for a long time! Because, as so often in life, one thing counts above all when flirting successfully: the inner attitude. I don't mean to say that you should go hunting for men in sweatpants, sweaty baggy shirt and messy hair. Actor Jude Law formulated the seduction formula in the film "Alfie" very aptly. Men like G-B-H (meaning: face, breasts, buttocks) and these zones, ladies, you are welcome to stage accordingly. The erotic offensive shouldn't be too cheap. For my part, I don't serve the men everything on a silver platter at the beginning, after all I want to save a few moments of surprise for later hours.

Anyone who ponders over missed opportunities in an upset mood has a bad chance of a momentous flirt. If you are not in a good mood, get yourself in a good mood before going out. Because self-confidence is the key to ultimate sexiness.

Arrived in the urban jungle, I cultivate my strengths! When I walk through the bar, I swing my hips. I give the waiter my best smile and nibble sensually on my straw. If I have discovered a great man, I seek his eye contact and grin at him. If he doesn't move to speak to me, I'll take command. That, ladies, by the way, is never an act of desperation. On the contrary: men like it when we women take control. If we get along well, I'll move on to the final attack.

I whisper "I want you", grab his hand and pull him outside. A taxi takes us to my apartment. Here I can enjoy testing the new guy on his love skills.

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