Masturbation causes cancer

Researcher: Masturbating prevents prostate cancer

Medical doctor Graham Giles of the Victoria Cancer Council in Melbourne and his team surveyed over a thousand men with prostate cancer about their sexual habits and compared the responses with those of healthy men. From the survey results, the researchers calculated that masturbating reduced the risk of prostate cancer by up to a third. In particular, regular masturbation between the ages of 20 and 30 has a protective effect.

So far, medical professionals have assumed the opposite, as previous studies have shown that frequent sexual intercourse increases the individual risk of prostate cancer by up to forty percent. However, Giles and colleagues suggest that prostate stress from infection during intercourse is the reason for this increase. However, there is no such risk with masturbation.

However, Giles and his colleagues can only speculate as to the exact cause of the protective effects of masturbation. It would be possible for carcinogenic compounds to leave the body with the ejaculate. The prostate accumulates substances from the blood in order to provide the ejaculate with a sufficient amount of potassium, zinc and citric acid. As a result, cell-damaging substances may also collect in the gland, the concentration of which is reduced by masturbation.

ddp / bdw? Andreas Wawrzinek
July 17, 2003