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Youth book tips: fantasy, betrayal, and secrets

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A fantasy story without kitsch, a girl who grew up in a sect and three young people who uncovered a family secret: Katja Eßbach presents books for young people that are well worth reading.

"When the fog whispers, my heart awakens" by Kathrin Lange

That's what it's all about: romantic fantasy

"When the fog whispers, my heart awakens" by Kathrin Lange has been published by Arena Verlag. It costs 18 euros.

Please don't let this horribly cheesy title put you off. Because then you missed an imaginative, very atmospheric story about Jessa, who grew up in a children's home after the death of her parents. The disappearance of her older sister five years ago completely threw her off course, and she repeatedly comes into conflict with her educators. One day she receives a tip about her sister's whereabouts. It leads them to an old, derelict mansion in Yorkshire. There she meets the twins Christopher and Adrian, who are doing their best to get rid of Jessa quickly. But she firmly believes that the brothers know what happened to their sister. Jessa begins to investigate and uncovered a centuries-old curse.

Yes, as the title does not suggest it very subtly, this book is about a romantic fantasy story. But Kathrin Lange tells the story in a pleasantly casual and exciting way. Your heroine Jessa is tough and unadjusted. Fortunately, it stays that way until the end.

"Liege Daughter" of Megan Cooley Peterson

This is what it's about: lies and betrayal

"Lies Daughter" by Megan Cooley Peterson has been published by Magellan Verlag and costs 17 euros.

Piper is 17 years old and lives in a sect. However, she is not even aware of this, because she knows no other life and grows up completely shielded from the outside world. In the sect only the rules of their father, who calls himself a prophet, apply. Nobody, especially Piper, would have ever questioned that. But then government troops invade the facility and separate Piper from her family and the other sect members. She comes to a woman who supposedly only wants the best for her. But Piper doesn't trust her and suspects that she wants to manipulate her. Piper just wants to go back to her family and plans to escape.

Megan Cooley Peterson tells her captivating story on two time levels, the before and after. Their language is very suggestive and haunting, the description of everyday life in a sect is authentic. It is particularly impressive to see how Piper realizes the truth bit by bit and uncovered an unbelievable crime.

"The Cousins" by Karen M. McManus

That's what it's all about: a destructive family secret

"The Cousins" by Karen M McManus was published by cbj youth book publisher and costs 20 euros.

Karen M. McManus ‘Debut novel" One of us is lying "was a huge success with which she made a name for herself in the youth book scene. And her new book "The Cousins" is also a page turner. The focus is on the wealthy family story. Its head, the widow Mildred Story, disinherited her children more than 20 years ago. She sent them a letter with the cryptic words "You know what you did", after which she broke off contact. Her grandchildren Milly, Aubrey and Jonah have never seen their grandmother and now receive news that Mildred is inviting them to their island estate near Cape Cod. Will the family finally be reconciled? The young people accept the invitation and quickly find out that it didn't come from their grandmother at all. But who is behind it and what plans is the stranger pursuing?

As in her other novels, Karen M. McManus takes turns narrating from the perspective of her protagonists. Her great strengths are an exciting, varied plot and authentic characters that one likes to follow.

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