Why did you change the driving instructor?

Change of driving instructor

Why want to change the driving instructor?

Before learner drivers consider changing their driving school or driving instructor, a lot often comes together. Often it is the sheer frustration of failing a driver's exam, the high costs of training, the amount of free time that has to be invested, the driving instructor who does not pick up the learner driver in front of his apartment door and bring him back there, the driving instructor's suspicion "ripped off" to become, the general trust in the driving instructor. These can all be reasons that the driving learner's mood sinks to zero and of course it is always the driving instructor's fault. For the dissatisfied learner driver, a change of driving school often seems to be the best way to be more successful.

Let us now take a closer look at that.

Unfortunately, many learner drivers misjudge themselves. Although all the lessons were worked through in the driver training, the learner driver clearly lacks routine. If the learner driver has little opportunity to improve his routine with someone from his private sphere, all that remains is to drive with the driving instructor who suggests continuing the training. This again appears to the learner driver as a rip off. He thinks of himself that he can drive. A change in this case can financially quickly become a shot in the oven.

In any case, you have to look carefully

But that's not always so clear, let's take a closer look at the whole thing.

Lessons are lessons

It is unacceptable, for example, if the driving school only works according to the “eat or die” method and only criticize mistakes after a situation has not been dealt with. Teaching means that you are taught and not that problem solving is required in situations that were not yet explained in the training. Therefore, a serious training also includes an understandable learning goal at the beginning of a lesson. After the lesson, a learner driver can check for himself at any time whether he has mastered the tasks or not. The learner driver can understand his level of training and then also know why further driving lessons are needed.

Making mistakes and always being reprimanded makes you discouraged and then it is probably the best solution to ask the driving instructor once about why he does not give praise. If the driving instructor does not change anything in his dealings with, then a change is probably indicated.

But maybe there are other reasons not mentioned here. It is also not always possible to clarify to the last resort what caused the driver training to fail.

Conduct of the driving instructor

A rarely occurring, but occurring reason to want to change the driving school can be the behavior of the driving instructor in other areas. Learner drivers say they were treated disrespectfully by the driving instructor during their training. Incidents like;

My driving instructor yells at me ...

My driving instructor cleans me down ...

My driving instructor is just moaning ...

My driving instructor scolds me and never praises me ...

He is racist ...

He is disrespectful to the opposite sex….

I don't feel comfortable in the driving school ...

Such statements show a lack of tact and politeness on the part of the driving instructor towards his students. Learner drivers then rightly feel injured and therefore want to change driving school. We say very clearly that when the harmony is so disturbed, a trusting relationship can hardly be restored and a change is the only consequence.

How react

Does a learner driver have to draw the instructor's attention to his misconduct or should he just change the driving school?

All of these cases have one thing in common: the learner driver is reluctant to ask the instructor about these unpleasant incidents. This cannot be demanded of a learner driver either. Every serious driving instructor should have enough self-control and it cannot be that the learner driver has to educate his driving instructor.

These learner drivers then look for a way out, ask others about their experiences and want to compare in order to make the right decision.

Should such serious errors actually occur in the behavior of a driving instructor, it is understandable if learner drivers change this driving school without comment.

Always the same mistakes

Why do some learner drivers keep forgetting simple things, such as a look over the shoulder, to use the gaze system, to activate the turn signal early when parking, even though the driving instructor has said this many times?
We assume that learner drivers themselves are very interested in learning everything quickly and doing it as correctly as possible, because they want to pass the driving test. No learner driver makes mistakes especially to annoy the driving instructor.

Energetic tone with always the same mistakes

Simple mistakes in driving lessons often happen because learner drivers are still scared. You cannot control everything while driving and act according to the motto “first things first”. These are more like things like not hitting the vehicle ahead, staying in lane and reducing your speed before the next bend. These are typical behavior patterns of new drivers or learner drivers. Learner drivers themselves are usually not aware of this problem. They then tend to become dissatisfied with themselves and consider themselves unsuitable.
Learner drivers in this situation are initially dissatisfied with themselves, more irritable and more sensitive. Now comes the general fear of driving a car, the fear of making mistakes with the driving instructor, and finally there is only one way out, switching to another driving instructor.

Surprisingly, there are also very different opinions among the learner drivers.
One hears views from learner drivers like;

Your driving instructor means well to you, sometimes a driving instructor has to get louder so that the learner driver remembers it ...

A driving instructor sometimes has to grumble so that the learner driver sees his mistake ...

My driving instructor is very energetic and grumbles when it has to ...

If it really was the case that you learn better by ranting and even save money, no learner driver would want to change. Maybe this method helps with the mother who has to say everything three times or in elementary school. There a teacher is always more or less the educator of his students. In the driving school, however, education should be completed.

In the case of a learner driver who repeatedly stalls the engine, steers incorrectly when reversing, constantly drives too slowly or overlooks traffic signs, we do not believe that scolding is helpful. On the contrary, the clutch foot will tremble even more and starting off will be even less successful.

Number of driving hours not a question of intelligence

A very common topic for a change is the number of driving lessons. But be careful.

A higher number of driving lessons alone should not be a reason to change the driving instructor. A serious driving instructor only sends his learner drivers to the driving test if they are sufficiently trained and have sufficient routine. If a learner driver has already taken quite a few driving lessons but has not passed the driving test, that alone is not a sign of inadequate driver training. It is a fact that some learner drivers need more driving lessons than others, it is not a question of intelligence. However, if a learner driver no longer has confidence in the driving instructor, his motivation decreases and he then finds it difficult to build up the necessary self-confidence for a driver's test. In this case, the change can mean a fresh start, in which the learner driver regains his self-confidence.

Many more reasons

Other reasons given by different learner drivers for a change are;

I have already had many driving lessons and I think that I will never make it in this driving school ...
I can't get any further because I don't get enough driving appointments in my driving school ...

It is certainly never easy for a learner driver to switch to another driving school. Switching to another vehicle makes you unsure, the driving test could become more expensive and no one guarantees whether the new driving instructor is better than the old one. Many forums on the internet are full of complaining learner drivers who would like to switch.
Questions like: Can I change the driving school?
What are the additional costs?
Are the previous driving lessons recognized?
How do I find a good driving school?

Every single, dissatisfied learner driver should absolutely and carefully check whether a change is the best solution for him?

Exam simulation creates clarity

If we have decided together with the learner driver to register him or her for the driving test, we carry out a test simulation one week before the actual driving test. The simulation lasts 45 minutes and contains all the elements from driver training. After the drive, the learner driver reflects on his performance and so he also knows whether a passing would be real. Learner drivers rarely judge themselves wrongly. If the learner driver can master this simulation and the overall impression is positive, we assume that the test is ready for the test. Discussions about whether a learner driver can now take the test or not are no longer relevant. The learner driver can understand better why a continuation of the driver training is necessary and a subscription has to be bought again.

Driving school or driving instructor

If it is definitely clear for a learner driver to change the driving instructor, it should be clarified in advance whether an internal change in the driving school is possible.

Sometimes another driving instructor within the same driving school can bring the desired success. Any credit, information on the student and level of training can be transmitted in this way.

Conditions for a change

Anyone who has finally decided to change the driving school will certainly be supported by the new driving instructor in handling all matters with the old driving school.

In principle, the old driving school cannot make any claims for which it has not provided any service. If a learner driver wants to change the driving school, he should do this carefully but without hesitation, because it is his right. At a reputable driving school, any existing credit will also be paid back to the learner driver.

There is no deadline for terminating the training. Every learner driver can immediately switch to another driving school and continue their training there. It is not even necessary to give notice of termination orally or in writing. Sure, no driving instructor would like to see one of his or her learner drivers wanting to switch to a different driving school, but a change of driving school is often the best solution for both parties when there is no longer any trust.

However, anyone who has still reserved driving appointments at the old driving school should cancel them in good time. Agreed travel appointments that are not canceled in good time will usually be charged.