There are no longer well-paid machining jobs

Branka has to stay

"ver.di Stuttgart criticizes BWPost for the fact that works council member Branka was dismissed without notice. In the meantime, a solidarity committee has been formed to support the works council member in the fight against her dismissal. Numerous works councils, staff councils and public figures have written to BW Post requested to withdraw the termination. The first signatories include the DGB federal chairman Michael Sommer and the Stuttgart mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster. The spokesman for the solidarity committee is the Stuttgart works chaplain Guido Lorenz. (.) For next Monday, September 10, 2012, 4:45 pm We ask you to come again in solidarity to the ver.di information booth at BW Post before Branka's court hearing (September 18, 2012, 3:30 p.m. in Villingen-Schwenningen)."Page of the Solidarity Committee

When the postman stops ringing

Ominous news, absent deliverers - parcel delivery is becoming more and more mysterious. Extra 3 Author Therese Ulrich on a puzzling phenomenon. Video of the Extra 3 broadcast from 08/19/2011

The dogs bite the last: the new trend of wage pushers

"Sonia Seymour Mikich:" It's been a long break and I extend a special welcome to you! Work as much as possible for a minimum of money, without any protection - wage depressions are school. That is the spirit of our time, and that is also behind our job miracle. We researched for a long time in a scene where wage depressions take on a very special form. It is "customary in the industry", they say. But the parcel delivery man who brings you your online orders in the evening may be fighting for survival day after day. Our reporters took a closer look at the market leader of the post-independent parcel delivery service. "... "Contribution by Monika Wagener, Ralph Hötte, Bastian Rudde and Sibylle van der Walt on monitor from January 27th, 2011

Post and successor company

At the post office there is still a kind of negotiated armistice for a good year, then the knocking and stinging begins when it comes to working conditions and job retention. But things are already going well with the constantly new (and sometimes just as quickly disappearing) mail and parcel service providers. Some were established as low-cost service providers by the post office itself. Wage dumping and scandalous conditions are almost normal in the industry, in which pseudo unions paid by companies play a sad role. Even within the post office, the flow of information between employees in different departments and branches is poor and there is almost no contact with other companies in the branch. That is why there has been a post regulars' table in Kiel for a good half a year for a casual exchange. The next one will take place on 7.7. instead of. There is great interest in making this exchange possible across regions. At there is a separate sectionFor an anonymous discussion about the mail and parcel service providers and the Kiel activists, you can contact [email protected]

First Mail: Post mixes up the industry with a cheap subsidiary

In the Ruhr area, the Bonn-based company is working on a second delivery network, whose employees get less money. The Dutch rival TNT no longer wants to stand idly by and has complained to the Federal Cartel Office. Article by Annette Berger in the FTD from January 19, 2010

Evaluation of the summer delivery project and Monday closure of 15 BZA processing points

When the Post announced in early summer that it wanted to reorganize the processing of mail in the mail centers and in the delivery area in July and August as part of a so-called "summer delivery" project, initially nobody could imagine anything precise about this. What was the aim of Swiss Post, which measures were planned in detail, how should the operational and logistical prerequisites for the project be created in the short term? ... ”Evaluation prepared by the“ News ”working group of the BRIEF Berlin Zentrum operating group (Resolved in the public company group meeting on September 20, 2009)

"Outsource until it fits"

"Because they did not want to have a 'new employer' put them in front of them, dozens of employees at the Duisburg branch of the global express and parcel service DPD threatened to lose their jobs. In mid-August, almost 100 employees from the depot handling department in the Hüttenheim district were in that almost overnight Ergo Logistics, a company specializing in outsourcing strategies, has been outsourced. Over 40 of those affected objected to the process declared as a transfer of operations and were then terminated for operational reasons. Until the outcome of their legal dispute, the plaintiffs work beyond the period of notice within the framework of a litigation contract in the service of Ergo continue ... "Article by Ralf Wurzbacher in the Junge Welt from 11.11.2008


  • CityLetter forums closed in rows! But those affected do not let their mouths be forbidden!
    "One is amazed what the CityLetter company is now coming up with after its scandalous public exposure to drive forums where those affected can exchange ideas. So far, four CityLetter forums have been run by the respective operators closed. "Press release from the Postman Forum on October 16, 2008
  • In the meantime a new forum has been set up
  • For 355 unemployed, the dream of a job fell through
    ".Dramatic scenes took place in Dortmund: Former unemployed people want to start their new job and were put off. "Starting difficulties" and "external disturbance maneuvers" were the reasons on site. Verdi suspects a major fraud. Because applications were only sent via placement forms from the employment agency and ARGE to private employment agencies. A direct application was not possible.. "Article by Alexander Voelkel on DerWesten from 02.20.2008

Branch network is to be sold

Deutsche Post wants to sell its branch network. Although the group rules out layoffs and losses in service, the union and consumer advocates warn against this. Article by Christine Zeiner in the Taz from June 13th, 2008

What is "common" in the mail market?

"The Deutsche Post is getting into difficulties in view of the dumping wages of the competition. While the Federal Network Agency sees the problem in the tariff wages of the Post, Verdi is outraged about this point of view and demands the removal of the agency president Matthias Kurth. "Article by Axel Granzow in the Handelsblatt from May 22nd, 2007

  • Working conditions in the mail market - May 2007
    The study can be obtained from the Federal Network Agency downloaded

Secrecy of letters: The Prime Minister invites you to Labor Day - but the invitation comes from an underpaid deliverer

"When the death of four anarchists in Chicago's Haymarket in 1886 is commemorated on May 1st, labor leader Jürgen Rüttgers does not want to be left out. So he sent out an invitation to Labor Day via the State Chancellery Postal service provider Westmail, which has come into the focus of the trade unions because of its working conditions."Article by Christian Werthschulte in the taz of March 20, 2007

The ex-problem industry: suddenly private postal services are ready to negotiate with ver.di.

"When ver.di commissioned a study on precariousness in the postal service sector a few months ago, the conditions in the sector were hair-raising. But now PIN AG, TNT and Co. want to negotiate: Labor Minister Müntefering threatened to postpone the opening of the postal market."Article by Jörg Meyer in Neues Deutschland from 02.02.07

ver.di vs. saving postage in the north (PSIN)

  • Trick, deceive, camouflage - the machinations of PORTO SAVE IN THE NORTH
    "The strike at POSTO SPAREN IM NORDEN continues unabated. Instead of at least signaling a willingness to talk to the strikers, the Neumünster company management is once again contributing to the further escalation of the strike. The strikers have now received a warning for an unexcused absence not having the hoped-for effect on the strikers."Press release from ver.di State Department Postal Services, Forwarding Agents and Logistics, Hamburg from 25.09.2006

  • Conflict at Porto Sparen im Norden (PSIN) comes to a head - 2 works council members terminated without notice
    "The conflict at the largest private mail service provider in Schleswig-Holstein is coming to a head. After the employees emphasized their demand for the conclusion of standard industry wage conditions on September 16, 2006 with the campaign" We defend ourselves ", an escalation occurred in the company instead of the employees The management has given notice to terminate two works council members without giving any reason. The employees are reacting to this pre-democratic arbitrary measure today -21.09.06- with another warning strike measure. "Press release from ver.di state department postal services, forwarding agents and logistics, Hamburg from 09/21/2006

  • Scandalous working conditions at PORTO SPAREN IM NORDEN
    The documentation from ver.di with scandalous examples of how the workforce defends itself and what demands are made.

  • Declaration of solidarity by the works council of PIN AG
    ".When more than 40 people decide in today's time, which is not an easy time for us workers, to quit their work in order to fight for their demands, then you immediately know that there is much more to this than what is ostensibly on is on the table or can be found in the press ... Because: "The focus is on people - not the return! ..." Declaration of solidarity by the works council of PIN AG

  • No letter delivery from POSTAGE SAVE IM NORDEN in Kiel
    The delivery of letters by the company PORTO SPAREN IM NORDEN (PSIN) failed completely on September 16, 2006. The employees and ver.di are reacting to PSIN's refusal for weeks to replace the scandalous working conditions with collective bargaining standards. Over 90% of the colleagues took part in the strike, so that the strike goal was achieved and the public was informed about this scandalous employer.More information will follow, here is a small impression with 2 pictures of the strike together with the press release from ver.di from 16.09.2006
  • Bullying and warning - Ver.di starts campaign against postal service
    "Pay dumping, internal bullying, violations of labor law, torpedoing of works councils and works council work - the ver.di complaint list against the company" Porto Sparen im Norden "is long."Article by Dieter Hanisch in Neues Deutschland from 08/11/06. See:
  • ver.di gives Porto an apple and an egg!
    Press release from ver.di district of Südholstein from 08/14/2006