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The hobby as a job


“My job is my hobby. As a nine-year-old I wanted to become a doctor, "says Angela Zimmermann. She realized her wish. In the meantime, the doctor has become an integral part of Radis, taking care of all the major and minor health problems of her patients week after week in her practice in Plum Avenue. In times of a pandemic like this, these pop up more often than usual.

Angela Zimmermann says that the Chancellor had mixed up the anniversary for her. April 1st is a special day for general practitioners. On the one hand, because this year she can celebrate the 30th anniversary of her medical practice in Radis. On the other hand, because Cordula Geyer gives her professional support. The two medical graduates have known each other for a long time through meetings at the quality circle, a regular training program for general practitioners.

There are some parallels between the two. Angela Zimmermann, born in 1958, worked in Halle in Dessau after completing her studies. Up until 1991, a doctor came to Radis twice a week to hold consultations in the community nurses' station. The general practitioner took over this task at the beginning of 1991 and took over her practice in the converted nurses' station on April 1, 1991. “In the first few years I also ran a branch in Schleesen and Uthausen,” she explains.

The new building with its own rooms was built in 1994. And in addition to her practice, Angela Zimmermann completed a three-year course in naturopathy, "self-financed". That is being accepted quite well, "but acupuncture is even more important," she says. Husband Uwe is a naturopath and is on site two days a week. Ines Backhaus has been part of the practice team as a long-term employee, and has been for 30 years. The Schleesenerin had learned nursing and had switched to an educator. The turnaround gave her the chance to return to her old job. “That was good for me,” she says today.

Cordula Geyer, like her colleague Zimmermann, had set up her own practice in 1991, albeit in Möhlau. It also began in the rooms of the community nurses station. "It's a shame I haven't found a successor for my practice," says the general practitioner, lamenting that she had to finally close the rooms on March 31. But stop completely from now on, she found that “too blatant. Just sitting at home is not for me. ”And so the 70-year-old now works as an employee in Radis and takes over half of the office hours on two days.

Instead of the larger celebration on the anniversary day, which fell victim to the “day of rest” proclaimed by the Chancellor (and deleted one day later), not quite as many well-wishers came to the Zimmermann practice. One was son Peter. He is studying medicine and has his second state examination ahead of him in the next few days. "After that I want to do another five-year specialist training in internal medicine," says the 33-year-old. After that, he might take over the mother's practice. His dream is to work in a family doctor's practice, where all age groups are looked after and familiar with family relationships.

The practice anniversary should definitely be celebrated with the patients. There will be several lectures on this at the end of April. Angela Zimmermann does not find the idea of ​​her colleague Cordula Geyer that one could reduce the last few years of employment as a salaried employee bad at all. "I would also like to find someone with whom I can run out professionally," she says with a smile. (mz / Karina Blüthgen)