Why do tube jeans stretch

Widening jeans - instructions for carrying on and stretching

Because the robust denim fabric expands when you wear it and adapts to the contours of your body, it is recommended that you buy jeans a little too tight rather than too loose. This has the disadvantage that you don't really feel comfortable in the newly purchased women's or men's jeans, the pants pinch and pinch in some places.

There are several ways to accelerate the natural stretching process of blue jeans. You can either adapt the entire pair of trousers to your body by wearing them all the time, or you can only widen the fabric in very specific areas, such as the thighs or the waistband.

You should also differentiate between whether you want to stretch your jeans forever, or just want to be able to loosen the waistband a little after a long meal without having to sit at the table with the button open. Also, keep in mind that stretching the blue jeans has its limits. You cannot widen your jeans much more than 2.5 centimeters.

Widen jeans that are too tight

A lot of aids are not necessary to stretch jeans. You can work with both heat and water. In both cases, you should keep in mind that the stretched blue jeans can be shrunk again using the same means. This means that if you have widened your trousers with the iron, they can shrink again, for example due to heat in the dryer.

Wash little: If you have carried on your women's or men's jeans with water, you should wash them as little as possible afterwards. Because when washing, the fabric of the blue jeans contracts again.

It is best not to put stretched jeans in the washing machine, but wash them by hand if you absolutely have to.

Ideally, the blue jeans are not washed at all, but are hung outside to air.

Not in the dryer: The widened denim trousers cannot take the dryer either. So hang the hand-washed trousers on the clothesline to dry.

If you have stretched your blue jeans in the waistband, support your efforts by using a trouser hanger that can be adjusted in width to hang it up. In the trade there are the so-called waistband expanders or waistband stretchers. These work on the same principle and, according to the manufacturer, bring at least one trouser size around the waist.

Jeans widen at the thigh

If your blue jeans pinch your thigh, it is best to use a stretching method that breaks up the tough denim fabric and adapts to your body shape. The easiest way to widen jeans is with water. All you need for this stretching process is that Bathtub and lukewarm water:

  • Put on your jeans.
  • Lie down in the bathtub and run in lukewarm water.
  • Stay in the tub for about 10 minutes, making sure that the denim pants are completely soaked in water.
  • Drain the water and stay in the tub until the pants stop dripping.
  • While you let your trousers dry on your body in the bathtub, you can do stretching exercises.
  • To widen the fabric on the thigh, lie on your back, pull your legs up, and then stretch them out again. Repeat this exercise several times.
  • Squats that you do in the tub also help to expand the denim fabric on the thigh.
  • Or you can lie on your back and ride a bike with your feet.
  • When the pants are only damp, you can leave the bathtub. Try to keep moving as much as you can until the jeans are completely dry.
  • The dried trousers should now fit perfectly, because the denim has adapted to your body contours.

Jeans widen in the waistband

If the blue jeans are too tight on the waistband, this can be remedied with moisture and heat. However, you should keep in mind that the waistband cannot be stretched at will. It will not expand by more than one size. To keep the tight bunch going, you need Iron, ironing board, spray bottle and lukewarm water. How to do it:

  1. Don't put your blue jeans on, but button them up and zip up.
  2. Then stretch them over the ironing board.
  3. Pull the pants as far as possible over the board so that the waistband is already stretched to its limit.
  4. Now fill the spray bottle with lukewarm water and spray the bundle with it until it is well saturated.
  5. Switch your iron to cotton and keep ironing over the waistband until it is dry.
  6. Then turn the denim trousers over so that the zipper side is no longer on the ironing side of the ironing board, but the rear part.
  7. Repeat the process by again stretching the waistband as much as possible, then spraying it on and then ironing it dry again.
  8. After the waistband has been stretched all around, the blue jeans should fit.

More tips on widening jeans

If the blue jeans are just too tight on the waistband after a long meal, you can help yourself by sewing on a second trouser button next to the existing button. If the waistband is taut after eating, open the first button and close the second instead. In this way, you are properly dressed at the table and still have some air in your stomach.

Stretch your jeans waistband with a clothes hanger or wooden board: If you don't have an iron at hand, you can use a large clothes hanger or a sturdy wooden board to stretch the waistband to the appropriate width:

  • To do this, spray the waistband of your blue jeans with lukewarm water again.
  • Then pull the closed trousers over the clothes hanger or the wooden board.
  • Wait for the jeans to dry and then put them on. If the stretching process has not yet had the desired effect, you will have to repeat the process with a larger coat hanger or board.

Also with muscle fat you can dilate your jeans. To do this, lay the closed trousers on the floor. Spray the area you want to stretch (waistband or thigh) with lukewarm water and stand with your foot on the edge of the pant leg or on one end of the waistband.

Now grab the opposite side of the waistband or pant leg and pull on it as hard as you can. Repeat the process several times, but do not pull on the belt loops, only pull on the fabric of the pants. Then stand on the other side (the one you just pulled) and pull the opposite side of the fabric again.

Let the stretched blue jeans air dry, then see if they fit. If not, you will have to repeat the process. Even the robust denim fabric can tear! Do not overdo the pulling and do not work on the jeans that have already been thinned or worn.