Who should be making a Fantastic Four movie

Are "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" merging into one movie universe?

It's been a few weeks now that 20th Century Fox Mark Millar brought on board as a consultant, similar to at MARVELS Comic book characters are also successful Fox to get on track. But what exactly should that look like?

Before MARVEL conquered the cinemas with its own films, the company had made a mistake from today's perspective: issued the rights to three strong brands. Next The Amazing Spider-Manwho at Sony went, were those too Fantastic Four and X-Men at Fox sold. As long as these studios are making films, looks MARVEL his former property also not again and especially after Marvel's The Avengers was such a great success this year, of course you want to benefit from it elsewhere.

That was why Mark Millar was brought in. Not just that Fantastic Four Spice it up, but also optimize the X-Men and the topic of crossover is also high on the agenda. But as from MARVEL learned, one would first like to have the Fantastic Four-Relaunch the stage. So no one should assume that there will be Wolverine and the X-Men to see when the restart is made, in their opinion this would also be more likely from the Fantastic Four distract. Nevertheless, it makes sense to make the audience aware that from now on you are in the same universe as the X-Men, only without making a big crossover film - but that would only be a matter of time.

Just last week, producer Lauren Shuler Donner surprised us by saying she would welcome a crossover between X-Men and The Avengers. Should it Fox in other words, to create a homogeneous film universe internally and to do so in the future MARVEL to agree, comic fans are in for a rosy time.

Fantastic Four According to the current state of knowledge, it should appear in 2014 and have nothing to do with the previous films from 2005 and 2007. This is hardly surprising, since they lost one of the main actors and as Captain America has long since been on a completely different side. It looks better with the X-Men. Waiting here for next year The Wolverine on us and 2014 already stands X-Men - Days of Future Past in the starting blocks.