Should Trump investigate his own administration

The Democrat Joe Biden has been the new US President since January 20 - and does away with the legacy of his predecessor Donald Trump. He left the White House. All news and developments at a glance:

Biden's government is preparing new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Saturday, February 20, 4:13 a.m .: The administration of the new US President Joe Biden is preparing further sanctions against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea gas pipeline. In a report submitted to Congress on Friday, the Foreign Ministry identified two Russian supporters of the project who could now be punished. This is the ship Fortuna and its owner KVT-RUS, as congress staff explained.

The two are already sanctioned by a measure by Biden's predecessor Trump for supporting the construction of Nord Stream 2. The opponents of the project in Congress expressed the assessment that the move by the Biden government should hardly help to hold up work on the project.

The USA rejects the construction of the 1200-kilometer tube on the grounds that it will make Europe even more dependent on Russian natural gas. However, the United States also wants to sell its own gas in Europe. The Russian energy company Gazprom holds the majority in the pipeline project. Financial partners are Wintershall Dea and Uniper from Germany as well as the Austrian OMV, Royal Dutch Shell and Engie.

Right-wing militia members indicted after Capitol Storm

Saturday, February 20, 12:32 a.m .: More than six weeks after supporters of ex-President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol, the Justice Department has brought charges against six other suspects. The women and men all have ties to the right-wing militia "Oath Keepers" or are members of it. The allegations include conspiracy. The defendants are said to have agreed to hinder the certification of the results of the US presidential election, according to a statement from the prosecutor's office on Friday.

The six arrested this week in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio are said to have worked with three other suspects who were already indicted in January. Seven of the men and women reportedly wore paramilitary equipment on January 6 and marched up the stairs of the congress building in the style of a tactical military unit, broke through a door and stormed into the building.

According to investigators, one of the defendants, who describes himself as the leader of the "Oath Keepers" in Florida, wrote in a message on Facebook at the end of December: "Trump said it was going to be wild !!!!!!! It was going to be wild !! !!!!! He wants us to go wild, that's what he says. He called us all to the Capitol and wants us to go wild !!! Sir, yes, sir !!! " Another suspect reportedly organized firearms and combat training for himself and others before January 6th.

USA let first group of 25 asylum seekers across Mexican border

Friday, February 19, 10:10 p.m .: After changing the direction of migration policy, the US government allowed the first group of asylum seekers to cross the border. A total of 25 people crossed the border from Tijuana, Mexico to the US city of San Diego on Friday, as an official from the Mexican immigration authority INM confirmed to the German press agency. In the coming days, more refugees with ongoing asylum procedures are expected to come to the United States for their court hearings and remain in the United States for the duration of their trials.

The new administration of US President Joe Biden is breaking with the restrictive immigration policy of predecessor Donald Trump. So far, asylum seekers in Mexico have had to wait for a decision on their applications. As a result, some people lived in tent camps south of the US border for over a year. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, around 25,000 people are currently still affected by the previous policy. Migrants with pending proceedings should register on the Internet from the beginning of next week, they will then be informed about the time and place of their possible border crossing.

On Friday, however, there was initially confusion about the procedure. Between 150 and 200 people came to the El Chaparral border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego and hoped to enter the USA. At least some had not yet applied for asylum in the United States and therefore had no chance of entry.

Criticism of Mexico trip from a Texan senator in the middle of the winter crisis

Friday, February 19, 1:20 a.m .: The prominent Republican Senator from the US state of Texas, Ted Cruz, has drawn significant criticism with a vacation trip during the severe winter weather crisis in his home country. Cruz set out on Wednesday with his family on a vacation trip to Cancun, Mexico - reported by several US media, including Fox News and the New York Times. Images of Cruz at the airport and on board an airplane were circulating on social media - without any doubt about when they were taken. However, the photos spread quickly and sparked great outrage on the internet. Cruz has been accused of leaving the people and voters of his home state alone in the midst of great hardship to enjoy themselves in the sun. The Democrats in Texas tweeted Cruz to resign.

The Republican only responded to the criticism after a few hours of radio silence. US media quoted a statement in which Cruz justified his trip as a fatherly duty. Since school lessons were canceled, his daughters wanted to go on a trip with friends. In his endeavor to be "a good father", he flew away with them on Wednesday and wants to return to Texas on Thursday. He and his staff are in constant contact with the authorities in order to be informed about the situation in Texas. Cruz did not comment on the goal of his trip.

Texas has been grappling with a severe onset of winter for several days. At times, millions of households in the state were without electricity. Cruz had been his party's presidential candidate for the 2016 election. He later emerged as a loyal ally of the now-elected Republican President Donald Trump.

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