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Styrofoam® (German) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]

Word separation:

Sty ro por, no plural


IPA: [ʃtyʁoˈpoːɐ̯], [styʁoˈpoːɐ̯]
Audio samples: -, -
Rhymes: -oːɐ̯


[1] white foam, which consists of small, compressed spheres and is used as insulation and packaging material


Brand name that consists of Styrene and porous was formed[1]

Sense releated words:

[1] Neopor, Styrodur

Generic terms:

[1] plastic, polystyrene


[1] Styrofoam is often used as an insulating material.
[1] “The basic material of Styrofoam is a well-known plastic: polystyrene. "[2]
[1] „Styrofoam is the brand name for "Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)" and has been used as a universal packaging material since the mid-1960s. "[3]
[1] "RYGOL insulation systems from Styrofoam ensure environmentally friendly and future-proof value retention and a comfortable climate for new buildings, renovations and energy-efficient refurbishment. "[4]
[1] “In any other place the walls would be white Styrofoam due to the risk of fire they had long been torn down, not to mention the lack of aesthetic value, but in this dusty mining town on the edge of the Sahara they were still standing after forty years.[5]

Word formations:

[1] Styrofoam concrete, styrofoam ball, styrofoam part, styrofoam packaging

Translations [edit]

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