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With its own track | Zlatan's playlist: Ibrahimovic hears these songs while pumping

Once again this season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic provides proof that despite his 35 years of age, he is still a long way from being scrapped: the striker has already scored a total of 26 goals in all competitions for Manchester United, making him one of the guarantors of success in coach José Mourinho's team.

What makes him so strong? Apparently his playlist on music streaming provider Spotify. Fans of extroverted Sweden can now find “Zlatan's Mental Muscle Playlist” on the homepage of his own fashion label "a-z", which offers sportswear, among other things. According to the website, the 19 songs "help the God of Sweden and Manchester stay focused while he trains". Over 15,000 users have subscribed to the playlist.

What does the Zlatan playlist have to offer? A mix of rap, hip hop and softer melodies. In addition to famous artists such as Jay Z and Eminem, Zlatan also listens to music from Swedish artists who are less well known in this country, such as Ken Ring or Grillat & Grandy.

And Zlatan wouldn't be Zlatan if he didn't add a song to the playlist himself. In his top selection you will find a version of the Swedish national anthem “Du gamla du fria” (in German: you old, you freer), which Ibrahimovic sang himself.

Click here to hear the songs on Zlatan's Mental Muscle Playlist. Or read in the text gallery (below) which 19 songs motivate Ibrahimovic.