Who are the best rheumatologists in Kolkata

  • New findings on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine therapy for people with COVID

    20.05.2021 16:14  

    The University Hospital Basel has initiated an evaluation of 28 international studies with almost 100 co-authors on the treatment of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. The comprehensive analysis has shown that hydroxychloroquine is associated with increased mortality in COVID-19 and that there are no benefits to treating chloroquine.

  • Back to Basel: Young Investigator Award

    19.05.2021 18:28  

    Dr. Jan Vosshenrich, assistant doctor in radiology at the University Hospital Basel, has received the Young Investigator Award from the Swiss Society for Radiology. The award is not going to Basel for the first time.

  • The University Hospital Basel is taking on the lead of one of the world's most important studies in breast cancer surgery

    18.05.2021 11:00  

    Under the leadership of the University Hospital Basel, a surgical method developed in Switzerland for the targeted removal of cancerous lymph nodes in breast cancer patients is being investigated internationally as part of the TAXIS study. This surgical method is intended to reduce the side effects of surgical overtreatment and thus contribute to a higher quality of life for the women concerned.

  • "The SpatzenNest was always our first choice."

    16.05.2021 09:05  

    PD Dr. Elisabeth Artemis Kappos is a senior physician in plastic surgery and specializes in complex reconstructive interventions. She regularly spends whole days in the operating theater - and is happy to know at all times that her two boys are in good hands in the childcare facility at the university hospital, the SpatzenNest. Elisabeth Kappos could just as little imagine life without her job as life without her children. And precisely because the two naturally have first priority, it is essential for them to know them in a place where they are in the best of hands.

  • Personnel from the University Hospital Basel 2021

    13.05.2021 10:33  
  • FMH certification for the Lean Hospital courses at USB

    12.05.2021 11:30  
  • New offer in dermatology

    12.05.2021 11:30  
  • USB Plus - our new house is ready to move into

    12.05.2021 10:30  

    We have already informed you about the new organization of the Basel University Hospital at the same point. The step into medicine of the future was also discussed in the media. The new hospital management has been running the University Hospital Basel since January 1, 2021.

  • Sports medical consultation for the chronically ill

    12.05.2021 10:30  
  • Delivery of reports and findings to your patients

    12.05.2021 10:30  
  • Breast center success model

    12.05.2021 09:30  

    The breast center of the University Hospital Basel was the first center in north-western Switzerland to receive both the Swiss quality certificate (Q label, 2013) and the quality certificate from the German Cancer Society (DKG, 2015).

  • The training is canceled due to illness of the speaker!

    11.05.2021 12:30  

    Psychosomatic therapy of stress-related pain conditions. Ulrich T. Egle, Senior Consultant "Psychosomatics and Pain", Psychiatric Clinic Sanatorium Kilchberg / ZH

  • "I learned how to handle the halberd right from the start."

    03.05.2021 09:04  

    Alvaro Masina was papal guardsman in Rome for two years. After a detour via the FH Pedagogy, he decided at the age of 27 to train in nursing.

  • Annual report 2020: Covid-19 leaves clear traces

    29.04.2021 10:00  

    After a profit of 19.9 million francs in the previous year, the 2020 financial year resulted in a pandemic-related loss of 16.9 million francs. Only the total turnover (+ 2.4%) and the fall severity index (+ 0.4%) developed positively. It is currently very difficult to make a forecast for the current year, as it is still impossible to predict how long the pandemic will last.

  • The “Häfeli internship” - first insights into everyday care

    26.04.2021 09:19  

    Working instead of traveling: What sounds frustrating for many at first, developed into an exciting opportunity for Lua Mengisen to get to know her future job better.

  • 3 questions to Gina Sulkowski, the main responsible vocational trainer

    23.04.2021 10:00  

    Gina Sulkowski is a qualified nurse with us at the Unispitalbasel and at the age of 26 she was already mainly responsible for vocational training on her ward. We asked her 3 questions about her career with us.

  • 06/24/2021: Uptodate Neurovascular Therapies

    21.04.2021 08:00  

    Find out more at the USB referral meeting "Uptodate Neurovascular Therapies" on June 24th, 2021.

  • Starting therapy for HIV later increases the risk of developing a tumor

    16.04.2021 11:26  

    Today, HIV-positive people die most often from tumors in industrialized countries. A study by the University Hospital Basel shows that starting antiretroviral therapy against the HI virus early can significantly reduce the risk of developing tumors.

  • The great vertigo - On the psychosomatics of vertigo complaints

    13.04.2021 12:30  

    Univ.-Prof. Claas Lahmann, Medical Director, Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Department for Mental Illnesses, Freiburg University Medical Center

  • Not exclusively COVID - our review of 2020

    13.04.2021 12:20  

    How do an innovative concept and a new angiography system enable stroke treatment to be improved, why was the thoracic CT superior to the throat swab for triaging patients, what new possibilities in diagnostics and therapy does 2020 testify to? Our annual report provides answers and shows that COVID was a big topic, but our clinical and scientific work was more diverse.

  • Prof. Raphael Guzman announced as new Chief Physician for pediatric and vascular neurosurgery

    01.04.2021 07:48  

    The Supervisory Boards of the University Hospital Basel (USB) and the University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB) have appointed the Deputy Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Basel as the new Chief Physician for vascular and pediatric neurosurgery.

  • "I want to motivate young doctors to combine family and work"

    31.03.2021 13:44  

    In internal medicine, where Sonja Seelmann works as a senior physician, being pregnant and combining family and work is not a taboo subject. The majority of senior physicians have children, most of them more than one. Unfortunately, this openness is not found everywhere in the industry: She has already experienced that she was unable to get a job due to pregnancy. In an interview, she openly tells us about her career stumbling blocks, which she experienced as a woman in medicine, and how she is committed to improving career opportunities with part-time work at Basel University Hospital.

  • The pharmacists' association and the university hospital are jointly expanding the emergency pharmacy

    29.03.2021 15:09  

    Anyone who needs medication at night or on public holidays has been receiving them since 2004 in the emergency pharmacy at Petersgraben - vis-à-vis the emergency center of the University Hospital Basel. Now the hospital and the pharmacy are moving closer organizationally: together, the Basel pharmacies and the Basel University Hospital are expanding the emergency pharmacy into a 24-hour pharmacy.

  • Prof. Raphael Guzman new chief physician for pediatric and vascular neurosurgery

    29.03.2021 08:44  

    The Deputy Head of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Basel has been elected by the Board of Directors of the University Hospital Basel and the University Children's Hospital of both Basel as chief physician for vascular and pediatric neurosurgery.

  • How tired are you

    27.03.2021 09:28  

    «RSNA News» The fatigue of radiologists due to the increasing workload was quantified and published by our scientists. Their analysis was featured in RSNA News.

  • University Hospital Basel signs cooperation agreements with Roche and Novartis for its multiple sclerosis research center

    18.03.2021 16:13  

    The Research Center for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience Basel (RC2NB) has signed long-term cooperation agreements with both Novartis and Roche. The two world-leading pharmaceutical groups previously supported the RC2NB via the Foundation for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience Basel, which was founded by the University Hospital and the University in late 2019.

  • Clarification of therapy goals for anorexia with poor prognosis

    16.03.2021 12:30  

    Dr. Anna Westermair, Research Fellow at the Institute for Biomedical Ethics, University of Zurich

  • The University Hospital Basel concludes cooperation agreements with Roche and Novartis for the research center for multiple sclerosis.

    15.03.2021 16:54  

    The Research Center for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience Basel (RC2NB) has signed multi-year cooperation agreements with both Novartis and Roche. The two globally leading pharmaceutical groups support the RC2NB through the Foundation for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neurosciences Basel, which was founded at the end of 2019 by the University Hospital and the University.

  • University Hospital Basel climbs to third in Swiss hospital rankings

    09.03.2021 15:00  

    The American news magazine Newsweek has awarded the University Hospital Basel third place in its ranking of Swiss hospitals. In the global list, USB came 35th out of more than 2,000 hospitals in 25 countries. The ranking is based on analyzes of patient questionnaires, quality assessments and a survey of nurses, doctors and other health care professionals.

  • Algorithm helps to identify infarcts more quickly in the case of "late presenters"

    05.03.2021 16:35  

    Dr. Jasper Boeddinghaus from the Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel (CRIB) and the University Heart Center is the first author of a paper just published in JACC (Impact Factor 20) on the rapid detection of acute myocardial infarction in patients who present to the emergency center more than 12 hours after the onset of chest pain , so-called "late presenter".

  • Basel University Hospital now ranked 3rd among Swiss hospitals

    05.03.2021 16:19  

    In the ranking of the American news magazine “Newsweek”, the University Hospital Basel ranks 3rd among Swiss hospitals. In the global list, the USB ranks 35th out of over 2000 hospitals from 25 countries.The evaluation is based on evaluations of patient surveys, quality measurements and surveys of nurses, doctors and other health care professionals.

  • The Department of Urology is a global center of reference for use of "AI-Pathway Companion" software

    04.03.2021 16:00  

    Due to advances being made in technology and medicine, the treatment of patients with prostate cancer is generating a large and increasing amount of data that requires multidisciplinary teams to manage it. In order to improve interdisciplinary patient care, Siemens Healthineers has been working in close partnership with the Department of Urology, headed by Prof. Helge Seifert, to develop a software solution that provides targeted processing of patient data processing and visually maps out the entire treatment pathway for patients with prostate cancer.

  • From trial intern to health specialist

    04.03.2021 14:40  

    Lukas Keusch is in the third and final year of his training as an EFZ health specialist. Before he graduates in the summer, he reviews his time at the University Hospital Basel from the trial intern to now and tells us what surprised him about his training.

  • "The interplay between job and family is very enriching."

    25.02.2021 14:25  

    Britta Lünenborg is the ward manager for internal medicine and the mother of a young daughter - she sets an example that a career at the university hospital is also possible on a part-time basis.

  • Media reports on the University Hospital Basel and the Navalny case

    25.02.2021 10:00  

    The media have reported in the past few days about an assistant doctor at the University Hospital Basel (USB) who publicly commented on the poison attack on the Russian opposition activist and lawyer Alexei Navalny.

  • Pro Patient Foundation of the University Hospital Basel - New Funding Topics

    16.02.2021 10:37  

    The propatient research foundation University Hospital Basel promotes patient-oriented, interdisciplinary medical research and innovation at the University Hospital Basel. It thus provides impetus for sustainable medical developments and innovations - for the benefit of patients.

  • From school to work: Insights into Ornella Brunetti's internship as a clerk

    15.02.2021 09:20  

    The transition from school to everyday work is not always easy. Ornella Brunetti is currently doing a one-year internship as a clerk in personnel administration at the University Hospital Basel. The internship is part of her apprenticeship as a clerk at the business school. In the interview she talks about her impressions and experiences during the first months of the practical year.

  • New chief physician for neurology at the University Hospital Basel

    09.02.2021 14:56  

    Prof. Urs Fischer has been elected as the successor to Ludwig Kappos as chief physician for neurology at the University Hospital Basel and as clinical professor at the University of Basel.

  • Value Based Counseling (VBC), a short-term psychodynamic intervention as an initial intervention before full psychotherapy

    09.02.2021 12:30  

    Inge Missmahl, founder and managing director of Ipso gGmbH

  • Interventions postponed due to Covid-19

    08.02.2021 16:36  

    Due to the high workload caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Basel University Hospital is currently postponing interventions that do not need to be carried out urgently. We regret any delay and assure you that we will reschedule all interventions as soon as possible.

  • New study on nervous system involvement in COVID-19

    27.01.2021 15:10  

    COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit show involvement of the nervous system more often than similarly seriously ill patients without COVID-19, an interdisciplinary research group at the USB shows in a publication in "Annals of Neurology".

  • Detailed profile of tumors

    22.01.2021 08:00  

    In a study with patients from the University Hospitals in Zurich and Basel, researchers extensively and extremely precisely investigated the molecular and functional peculiarities of tumors. This should enable doctors to better determine which treatment is particularly well tailored to a patient's cancer and is therefore effective.

  • Alternative therapy for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement

    20.01.2021 11:51  

    The urological clinic at the University Hospital Basel is a Swiss leader in the use of steam ablation of the prostate, known as REZUM.

  • The lung tissue remembers infections

    19.01.2021 13:24  

    For the first time, T memory cells were discovered in lung tissue by the research team led by Prof. Carolyn King in the Department of Biomedicine at the University Hospital Basel. A series of tests showed that these helper cells improve the immune response against re-infection with another strain of flu virus. The discovery could provide approaches for longer-lasting vaccinations against rapidly changing viruses.

  • The psychological dimension of the corona pandemic

    19.01.2021 12:30  

    Prof. Katja Cattapan, Head Physician Psychotherapy and Private Wards, Sanatorium Kilchberg AG

  • «Find your fire»

    18.01.2021 08:00  

    It's been 10 years since Severina Leu completed her state examination at the Medical Faculty in Basel. Today she is a senior physician in neurosurgery and spinal surgery. In an interview, she tells us how she experienced her time after the state examination and what challenges her most in her role as senior physician.

  • "I have two of the best jobs in the world - expert intensive care and photographer."

    30.12.2020 11:16  

    Intensive care nurse Fabian Fiechter has photographed the first wave of the corona pandemic at the university hospital. He makes a difference - with his work in the intensive care unit as well as with his pictures. In the blog, Fabian Fiechter reports how he lives his two great passions in everyday life.

  • Radiological-pathological correlation of pulmonary changes in COVID-19

    29.12.2020 12:27  

    Your results underline the importance of vascular changes in the fatal course of COVID-19. To clarify the pathological changes in the lungs, radiologists and pathologists from the USB and the Cantonal Hospital in Baselland compared computer tomographies and histopathological findings. The study was published in the journal Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. And put on the cover picture. The RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) also dedicates its monthly podcast on cardiothoracic imaging to the study.

  • And what does the USB do for the environment?

    17.12.2020 08:10  

    For the first time, the USB published an environmental report as part of the 2019 annual report. In it, key figures and measures describe the status of the University Hospital Basel in terms of environmental protection. How meaningful is such a report? We want to find out this and more from the environmental reporting project team.

  • University hospitals express concern about the pandemic situation

    14.12.2020 08:29  

    The directors of the five Swiss university hospitals fear that there will be a third coronavirus wave after Christmas and that the hospital system could collapse. In a letter to Federal Councilor Alain Berset, they demand stricter intervention by the Federal Council.

  • Attempted fraud with the university hospital telephone number

    11.12.2020 14:06  

    Phone fraudsters are currently trying to steal money on behalf of the university hospital with a lousy scam. A senior citizen in Germany was called by a fake professor and asked to raise money for a treatment at the USB. The University Hospital Basel does not ask for any payments over the phone. This is fraud.

  • The new trauma and stress diagnoses of the ICD-11: Consequences for diagnosis and therapy

    08.12.2020 12:30  

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Maercker University of Zurich, Institute of Psychology, Psychopathology & Clinical Intervention

  • If I had known that!

    08.12.2020 10:56  

    What motivates caregivers to decide on a postgraduate course in intensive care? The two-year training course will not be a walk in the park. We talk to Hans Richter, who has accompanied 350 students in his 20 years of course management at the USB.

  • The generational project “Campus Gesundheit” becomes concrete

    07.12.2020 10:00  

    The University Hospital Basel is initiating the next steps in the development of the site on the basis of the Master Plan for Campus Health. Clinic 2 is being renovated, and a new building for Clinic 3 is planned along Schanzen and Klingelbergstrasse. With this generational project, the University Hospital Basel is laying the foundation for the people in the Basel region to have access to medicine at university level in the decades to come.

  • Comprehensively certified tumor center of the University Hospital Basel

    02.12.2020 10:32  

    The tumor center of the University Hospital Basel has been certified again with the Europe-wide recognized label of the German Cancer Society. This confirms: Cancer patients experience the highest medical and nursing quality at the University Hospital Basel. The tumor center is also demonstrably top in the service sector. The University Hospital Basel is the only hospital in the region to have this certificate.

  • "I'm learning FaGe."

    01.12.2020 11:10  

    «During my training as a health specialist, I never get bored. The areas of responsibility are very varied. Of course, patient care takes up a large part of the time. Here I can «do»: personal hygiene, blood sampling, storage, pulling strings or changing bandages. But careful documentation is also part of it. I am always happy when I can put what I have learned into practice and apply it to the patient. "

  • "Sometimes the fastest way to do it is by emoji."

    26.11.2020 07:06  

    Mehmet Ördek, 46, is the head of special cleaning at the university hospital. Find out now how he is organizing his team during the pandemic - and why WhatsApp is the most popular means of communication for him and his team.

  • Two types of myocardial infarction: more accurate diagnosis, better treatment

    25.11.2020 08:22  

    As one has learned to understand in recent years, different processes can lead to a heart attack. A recently published study led by doctors from the University Hospital Basel helps to better understand these mechanisms. Based on the results, the authors have reassigned the underlying causes of heart attacks.

  • New visitor regulations at the University Hospital Basel

    23.11.2020 13:04  

    Due to the still challenging situation in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, new, stricter regulations for visitors apply at the University Hospital Basel.

  • Five questions for Isabelle Gisler

    19.11.2020 11:17  

    Isabelle Gisler began her professional career as a qualified nurse DN II in the acute surgical ward at what was then the Cantonal Hospital of Basel and subsequently earned the diploma as a nursing expert in anesthesia NDS HF. She then took over the management of anesthesia care at the Ziegler Hospital in Bern. After a year abroad at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht / NL, she moved back to the University Hospital Basel. Isabelle Gisler took part in training at the Bern University of Applied Sciences and, after completing several CAS (including project management and operational management for health professionals), earned an Executive MBA in Leadership and Management. Until 2017 she was team leader cardiothoracic urology in anesthesia care at the University Hospital Basel, then until 2020 department head of surgery care. She has been the Chief Nursing Officer since August 1, 2020. This function will play an even more central role than before within the framework of the 2021+ organization.

  • New developments in patient-oriented therapy research: On the way to empirically founded individualized psychotherapy

    03.11.2020 12:30  

    Prof. Julian Rubel Justus-LiebigUniversity Giessen, Psychology, Department for Psychotherapy Research

  • Stern-Gattiker Prize 2020 goes to Prof. Sara C. Meyer

    02.11.2020 16:45  

    The SAMS honors female role models with the Stern Gattiker Prize. This year the award goes to Prof. Sara C. Meyer, Senior Physician Hematology.

  • Open blocked blood vessels - with a balloon instead of an implant

    23.10.2020 10:00  

    Diseased, clogged, fine blood vessels can be opened just as easily with a balloon as with a stent. This is what researchers at the University Hospital Basel have shown in a study that has just been published in the Lancet. Both methods also produce equally good results for patients in the long term. Vascular treatment with a balloon has the advantage that no implant has to be inserted into the blood vessel.

  • Prof. Jürg Steiger becomes the new Medical Director of the University Hospital Basel

    22.10.2020 00:00  

    At its meeting yesterday, the Board of Directors of the University Hospital Basel elected Prof. Jürg Steiger as the new CMO. The previous head of the medicine department replaces the resigned Prof. Christoph A. Meier.

  • University Hospital Basel: new findings on cardiac muscle damage during operations

    20.10.2020 14:20  

    An interdisciplinary research team from cardiology, anesthesia and surgery at the University Hospital Basel took a closer look at a newly identified problem: Damage to the heart muscle that occurs during operations on other organs can have several causes. The risk of death and treatment options differ depending on the cause.

  • Strong partnership in oncology

    16.10.2020 10:54  

    The University Hospital of Basel and the Cantonal Hospital of Baselland want to work even more closely in the future to offer cancer patients the best possible care.

  • The insurance medical assessment of psychosomatic illnesses

    13.10.2020 12:30  

    lic. iur. Yvonne Bollag University Hospital Basel, asim assessment

  • The molecular profile of COVID-19 - how pathologists are helping to better understand this deadly disease

    12.10.2020 14:37  

    An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Basel University Hospital, the Baselland Cantonal Hospital, the Zurich University Hospital and the University of Trento (Italy) used an extensive COVID-19 autopsy cohort from the Baselland Cantonal Hospital and the Basel University Hospital to determine the immune response against SARS-CoV-2 Virus examined in lungs of deceased patients. In doing so, the researchers came across astonishing insights into understanding the new viral disease COVID-19. The results have now been published in the journal "Nature Communications".

  • Patient with background noises

    12.10.2020 09:43  

    An old lady is examined by computer tomography to clarify whirring sounds - an unusual radiological case study.

  • Male infertility - clarify and treat

    08.10.2020 11:34  

    The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endocrinology (RME) at the University Hospital Basel gets to the bottom of the factors behind childlessness. 50 percent of it is up to the man.

  • IICT Grant for Mirjam Christ-Crain

    08.10.2020 11:24  

    Prof. Mirjam Christ-Crain has received one of the coveted IICT grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

  • Urologists at University Hospital Basel treat benign prostate enlargement with high pressure

    08.10.2020 08:00  

    Patients with a benign enlarged prostate can be treated quickly, with millimeter accuracy and more gently then ever thanks to a new surgical robot that uses a high-pressure water jet instead of heat and electricity.

  • Urologists at the University Hospital Basel treat benign prostate enlargement with high pressure

    02.10.2020 11:00  

    A new surgical robot enables fast, millimeter-accurate and even gentler treatment of patients with benign enlarged prostates. Instead of heat and electricity, a high-pressure water jet is used.

  • Innovative, gentle therapies for benign prostate enlargement

    01.10.2020 09:46  

    Two new innovative techniques for treating benign prostate enlargement are available at Basel University Hospital. The two water-based ablation procedures promise results equivalent to the established methods and at the same time avoid the complications of the standard procedures that work with thermal energy.

  • What expertise does the patient need?

    01.10.2020 09:07  

    The Multiple Sclerosis Center has answers.

  • "We improve people's lives and ourselves - every day"

    01.10.2020 08:49  

    The University Hospital Basel is firmly anchored in the region - as a health care provider, as an employer, as a university research institution and as part of the Life Sciences Cluster. With the new Strategy 2025, the University Hospital Basel is consolidating its position in the region and preparing for the future. In addition, the structures are being modernized.

  • Right in the middle instead of just being there: the training model «learning island»

    01.10.2020 08:42  

    Lots of variety in the everyday life of apprentices at Basel University Hospital: Thanks to the “learning island”, nothing remains here just dry theory. Exciting input from Kerstin Grube, responsible for vocational training at the USB.

  • Brightly colorful, fresh & informative: our new training page

    01.10.2020 06:56  

    Finally: Our new training page is ready! In addition to bright colors, you will also see the faces of our best and most authentic ambassadors: our own trainees.

  • Research during the pandemic: In difficult times, a good, expensive health system is worthwhile

    30.09.2020 11:00  

    Researchers at the University Hospital Basel have examined which factors are decisive so that countries can cope with the pandemic and advance research on COVID-19 and other topics at the same time. To do this, they analyzed the publication numbers of the 30 countries that were hardest hit by the pandemic in the first four months. The result: stable health systems, a well-developed scientific infrastructure and high health expenditure are the decisive factors in coping with this double burden.

  • CANCELED: Music in the therapy of psychosomatic illnesses

    29.09.2020 12:30  

    Univ.-Prof. Urs M. Nater University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology of Adulthood

  • Personnel from the University Hospital Basel

    29.09.2020 10:33  
  • University Hospital Basel increases wages for individual professional groups

    24.09.2020 14:21  

    Despite the difficult earnings situation due to the pandemic measures, the board of directors and hospital management of the University Hospital Basel decided to raise the wages of individual professional groups. This applies to the nurses in the area of ​​intermediate care and intensive care as well as the specialist health workers who do the shortened higher specialist training.

  • University Hospital Basel and Roche are working together to measure the value of cancer treatments from the patient's perspective in Switzerland

    15.09.2020 14:00  

    In a partnership between the USB and Roche, patient benefits and efficient use of resources in the field of lung cancer are being investigated in an integrated manner, thus promoting the principle of “Value Based Healthcare”. Value Based Healthcare, the future-oriented approach to treatment based on the values, wishes and preferences of patients, is an important element of the strategy of the University Hospital Basel (USB), as well as part of a comprehensive approach to personalized medicine at Roche. The USB has gained international recognition in this area. With this project, Roche would like to gain insights into sustainable remuneration models, among other things.

  • Fatigue - an interdisciplinary challenge

    15.09.2020 12:30  

    PD Dr. Patricia Grabowski, Charité Campus Virchow Klinikum Berlin, Institute for Medical Immunology

  • No to the limitation initiative: University hospitals warn of the weakening of the health system

    07.09.2020 13:59  

    University medicine is based on the three elements of patient care, research and teaching. In order to obtain the best quality services in these three areas and to enable innovations, the use of motivated and highly qualified people is elementary. The limitation initiative endangers the basic framework conditions for the success of education, research and innovation in Switzerland. unimedsuisse therefore recommends rejecting the limitation initiative in the interests of a strong Swiss health sector.

  • University Hospital Basel opens new Sars-Cov-2 test center

    25.08.2020 10:51  

    On Monday, August 31, 2020, the University Hospital Basel will put its new test and triage center into operation. Up to 750 people can be examined for Sars-CoV-2 here in maximum operation. The university hospital is thus preparing its infrastructure for the coming months.

  • USB at the annual congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS)

    14.08.2020 10:19  

    On the occasion of the annual congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) from 7.9.Until 9.9.2020, with 45,000 members of the largest society for pneumology in the world, the University Hospital Basel can present itself to the 25,000 virtual congress participants as a reference for pneumological examinations.

  • SARS-CoV-2 detected in skin samples from patients with negative smear and negative antibodies

    14.08.2020 09:35  

    The dermatology and pathology departments of the University Hospital Basel have succeeded in detecting SARS-CoV-2 viruses in a skin sample from a patient. In contrast, both the nasopharyngeal swab and the patient's antibody test had negative results.

  • Multiple sclerosis: expectations of ofatumumab are confirmed

    10.08.2020 11:41  

    Ofatumumab is a new highly effective drug used to treat multiple sclerosis. The results of two controlled studies (ASCLEPIOS I and II) were published in the New England Journal of Medicine

  • Test and triage center also reopened on weekends

    06.08.2020 17:00  

    The test center for suspected Covid-19 cases will again be available to the population 7 days a week from next weekend. The aim is to relieve the emergency center in view of the increasing need for testing. Anyone who takes a test for Covid-19 at the University Hospital Basel will in most cases know about the result within 24 hours.

  • The University Hospital Basel’s Breast Care Center at the international forefront

    06.08.2020 10:00  

    An ongoing study, seven newly defined key research areas and a clear mission for the years ahead: the Breast Care Center at the University Hospital Basel is setting the benchmark in surgical breast cancer treatment at international level via the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium.

  • Breast center at the University Hospital Basel is top international

    04.08.2020 08:17  

    An ongoing study, seven newly defined research areas and a clear mission for the next few years. The Breast Center of the University Hospital Basel sets international standards in surgical breast cancer therapy through the “Oncoplastic Breast Consortium”.

  • Patients in a coma: more effort does not always bring more benefit

    24.07.2020 12:57  

    Sometimes a study shows that a clarification or treatment does not provide any additional benefit for the patient. Complex and expensive procedures can thus be avoided. A recently published research with the participation of intensive care medicine and the neurological clinic of the University Hospital Basel shows that certain long-term studies do not improve the prognosis of patients in a coma.

  • Basel study: Why lopinavir and hydroxychloroquine do not work with Covid-19

    10.07.2020 12:30  

    Lopinavir is an anti-HIV drug; hydroxychloroquine is used for malaria and rheumatism. Until recently, both active ingredients were considered to be potential beacons of hope in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. A research group from the University and University Hospital Basel has now found that the concentration of the two drugs in the lungs of Covid 19 patients is insufficient to fight the virus.

  • The Medical Director of the University Hospital Basel goes to Zurich

    08.07.2020 10:00  

    Prof. Christoph A. Meier, Medical Director and Deputy Hospital Director since 2016, will leave Basel University Hospital on October 1, 2020. He has been elected as the new director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ).

  • The University Hospital Basel has given itself a new structure

    03.07.2020 10:00  

    The University Hospital Basel is further developing its organization. The hospital management will be downsized and the position of the core business will be strengthened. Medical departments replace the previous areas. The future structure will make it easier for the University Hospital Basel to implement its new strategy, and it will pave the way for the rapidly developing future of clinics, research and teaching.

  • Value-based healthcare: Basel University Hospital leads the way

    01.07.2020 10:30  

    In value-based health care, the success of treatment is also measured by how the patients themselves assess their quality of life. This approach, widely regarded as future-oriented, is an important part of the strategy of the University Hospital Basel. The EU Institute for Innovation and Technology has now rated Basel University Hospital as a leader in value-based healthcare.

  • Isabelle Gisler becomes the new Director Care / MTT

    25.06.2020 11:40  

    The Board of Directors has elected Isabelle Gisler as the new Director of Nursing / MTT. As of August 1st, she will replace the previous head of the Nursing / MTT department, Jacqueline Martin, who is leaving the university hospital for Careum University.

  • Agreement on changing time

    23.06.2020 11:38