Any demons can see the future

Spell CollectionThe Ghosts, the you calls

Harry Potter should think about a postgraduate course at the University of Leipzig. A collection of writings from the late 17th century was rediscovered there - full of magic spells, necromancy and compulsion to hell.

Daniel Bellingradt, junior professor for book studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen, analyzed the manuscripts. Zeit online he said that these are transcripts, translations and recompositions of sources that are up to 1,600 years old. It can be found, for example:

  • Ritual scripts that explain how to predict the future
  • exact instructions for summoning angels and demons
  • practical tips for the most comfortable seven-mile boots

Bundled scholar magic

The 140 manuscripts are therefore one of the most important collections of learned magical manuscripts in Europe. The magic of the ancient Orient, Egypt, ancient Greece, the Roman world as well as Judeo-Christian and Muslim traditions is bundled on around 10,000 pages.

"The manuscripts offer solutions to all human affairs."
Daniel Bellingradt, book scholar

As there would be:

  • increase one's money
  • bind the partner to you
  • take to the skies
  • be invulnerable in war situations
  • create your own guardian angel
"Magical rituals sometimes last weeks and months and stretch over several stages."
Daniel Bellingradt, book scholar

The longest ritual sequence found by Daniel Bellingradt and his colleague, the religious scholar Bernd-Christian Otto from the University of Erfurt, lasts 18 months.

On to the forest clearing!

It's about calling your guardian angel to you. If you want to recreate this ritual, you will need time. Because you have to be in certain places at certain moon constellations at certain times of the day. In a forest clearing, for example. There you should then charge your "magic circle" - and then you can start ...

"The guardian spirits are commanded - you command them to do something."
Daniel Bellingradt, book scholar

The lyrics were not intended for the "stupid people" who wanted to try some magic tricks, says Bellingradt. Rather, they were aimed at the elites. That can be proven:

  • It was very expensive to own the lyrics
  • The texts are written in several languages
  • In order to get an approximate understanding of it, one needed a knowledge of religion

If you ever want to practice - here you go:

"Sit on the chair in front of the door through which the spirits will come and pray. As soon as you hear a sound after the last incantation, lie down on the bed while the three women of English beauty come into the room and greet you and laugh softly as they sit on the bed. Don't say a word and they will play dice and cards. "

And if that's not enough - if you want to become a sorcerer's apprentice yourself - we can help: The magic spell collection "Magical Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe" has been published as a book in English.