How environmentally conscious are Bulgarians

4.) Young people in Bulgaria won over to environmental protection

Strengthening the environmental awareness of Bulgarian young people with the help of German know-how - that was the aim of an exciting project that created new approaches to school and extracurricular environmental education on site. The historical-ecological educational institution Emsland in Papenburg e. V. with the Bulgarian EcoCentric Foundation (Sofia).

The core of the project were six one-week environmental education seminars in five villages in the Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, in which a total of 150 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 from Sofia and the Vratsa region took part. In the seminars, they worked out local solutions for sustainable development, for example by building composters or installing solar lamps on public roads. The results were presented to the local population and met with great interest. A traveling exhibition also carries the project results to other regions of the country.

The seminars were accompanied by high school teachers, which qualified them for extracurricular environmental education. At the same time, a network of teachers was created to exchange experiences. The teachers can now, among other things, access a handbook with 96 educational methods and techniques and a film that were created in the project, which is widely used.

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