Do satellites stop working

Satellite dish is not receiving a signal: This is how you rectify the problem

If your satellite dish does not receive a signal, this can have various causes, above all the weather. Snow, rain and especially storms affect the signal and can quickly lead to the image remaining black, at least temporarily. Small bowls in particular are susceptible to disturbance from the weather.

Main cause number 2: The view of the satellite is disturbed. In order to be able to transmit a good television signal, your satellite dish needs the clearest possible view of the sky. Leaves in the bowl, trees or even houses in the direct field of vision impair the transmission quality.

A power outage can also be responsible for the fact that your satellite dish suddenly no longer transmits a signal. On the one hand, because the dish, receiver and television also need electricity. On the other hand, because of a power failure damage the technology can. Short circuits can cause cables, connections or equipment to refuse to work.

Sometimes the problem lies with your TV or receiver even without a power failure. For example if there is one Error in the software there or an update is pending. Last but not least, interference in space can also be the reason for your satellite dish not receiving a signal. So it can happen that the satellite operator receives a transmits incorrect station list, or - in the worst case - the entire satellite failed is.