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The epay card is a prepaid card that is managed on a credit basis. You can use your card to pay almost anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. After activating and topping up the card, you can pay anywhere in the world - whether you are shopping online or in retail.

The epay card differs from a regular credit card in that it is based on a credit balance that can be loaded onto the card quickly and easily before it is used. You can view your credit balance at any time in the epay customer portal or have it sent to you (for a fee) by SMS after the respective transaction. This gives you account independence and full control over your spending.

If you already have an epay card, you can top it up with credit from our shop.

What are the advantages of the epay card?

The epay card offers you worldwide payment options. In Germany and worldwide there are millions of Mastercard acceptance points where you can pay with the card almost anywhere. In addition, thanks to the prepaid function, you never lose track of your expenses, as payments are only possible if you have topped up the relevant credit beforehand. Your online shopping will also be even safer - you only top up the amount you want to spend.

How can I top up my epay card?

The easiest way to do this is in our shop. You can buy credit for your epay card at https://aufladecodes.de/produkt/epay-aufladen/. You will receive the digital top-up code by email and can then load it onto your card in the epay customer portal.

How long is my epay card valid?

The card is valid until the end of the month of the term printed on the card.

If you have already upgraded your product at epay, you will automatically receive a free follow-up card by post before the card expires. This will be sent by epay to the address you have stored there, which you can view in the epay customer portal and adjust if necessary. Your credit and your personal data will be automatically transferred to the new card.

If you have not yet carried out a product upgrade and you do not want a follow-up card, the card can no longer be used after the expiry date. You can use the card until the expiry date or, if necessary, request a payment of the remaining balance via epay customer service ([email protected]).

Please destroy your previous card after it has expired.

How can I activate my epay card?

To activate your card, please go to www.epaycards.de/de/registration and enter your e-mail address, password, the serial number of the card (you can find the 16-digit serial number on the back of the card), your front and Surname, your date of birth and your address. After confirming all data, you will be sent an email to activate the card. After clicking on the link in the email, your card account will be created and your card will be activated.

How can I block my card in an emergency?

You can have your card blocked around the clock by phone. Dial toll-free 0800 022 51 40. You can reach epay from abroad on the chargeable number 0049 89 9545 71016. You can also block your card yourself in your epay customer portal. To do this, please log in and click on "Block card" in the "Security" field.

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