Allows direct shipping to PayPal

How to enforce in a PayPal account

08/02/2011 | Debt enforcement

by Dipl.-Rechtspfleger Peter Mock, Koblenz

The sale of goods via internet portals, e.g. eBay, is playing an increasingly important role. A popular online payment method is the PayPal account. What is often not recognized: Such an account can be accessed by garnishment.

This is how a PayPal account works

To become a PayPal member, you have to register at Then you can send money to any e-mail address with your personal data and account details. If the owner of the email address does not have a PayPal account, PayPal will notify them by email that a payment has been received at this email address. In order to have access to the amount sent, the recipient of the payment must also register with PayPal. There are several payment options:

  • Dropship From PayPal account: The PayPal account can be topped up with a credit via normal bank transfer using a specific deposit code. The account-specific code provided by PayPal must be entered in the "Purpose" field of the transfer.
  • payment by Credit card: The money does not have to be paid into the PayPal account first, but is immediately credited to the recipient.
  • Direct debit from your own account: In this case, the money is immediately credited to the debtor's PayPal account and PayPal debits the amount from the buyer's bank account.

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