How to clean aquarium gravel

Washing aquarium gravel has never been easier!

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Aquarium setup | 06/09/05

Even from medium-sized pools, washing the gravel is really annoying!
Here is a simple, cheap and fast way for everyone who doesn't have a garden and wants to make their work easier!

An article from manu1428.


I now had gravel to wash for my 450 L AQ, that was over 60 kg!
Since we live in a rented apartment, it couldn't just be in the garden and a sieve would be suicide!

I thought about where to get an oversized TEA STRAINER, but I couldn't think of anything, everything that was big enough had holes that were too big and everything with an appropriate hole spacing was no larger than 30 cm in diameter!

I strolled through a hardware store and didn't get a lot!

But I found it with the specials:

A simple INSECT SCREEN that is usually built into windows!

For my needs I chose one with the dimensions: 130 x150

At home, I moved into a simple laundry basket, made sure that it was in the middle and not a side of it came off the dust, put it in the bathtub and then filled about 20kg of gravel.

It can be washed wonderfully with the normal shower head, all small parts and dust could flow away through the net and even the heavy weight could be easily transported in the laundry basket!

So I was done with 3x washing!

I've never been so fast!

And had no clogged drain!

If someone has an old curtain that is finely woven, I think it serves the same purpose!

My costs were very low at around 2.50 euros for the net because the laundry basket was there and I can use the net again at any time!

You should just make sure that the gravel is coarser than the holes, but that's logical, right?

I hope I could make things a little easier for you!

All the best and have fun washing gravel!


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Clean gravel

»Posted by maec104, Sep 10th 2013, 4:34 pm

So, after I was looking for the easiest way to clean the gravel on the internet, I came across you. Great idea with the fly screen and an old curtain. If I didn't have both at hand, I went looking in my apartment and came across a laundry bag, which is tight and the water drains off well.
Thank you for coming across such a brilliant idea through you.
Can't wait to start on Saturday.

a question

»Posted by Danisahne25, 02/01/12, 4:33 pm

does the method also work with natural sand?


»Posted by dessau65, 09/08/10, 9:02 pm

Your idea is just brilliant! I could have guessed it too


»Posted by Vickie on Jul 4th 2010, 4:45 pm

I can only say a great idea, including the one with the organza fabric (a huge piece in the decoration shop costs about 1-2 euros)!

With a small bucket of gravel or sand for a nano pool this is no problem, but for my 450l pool this is a great idea!

I would be happy about a rating for my AQ`s ...
450L community pool [link]
25L Cube [link]
63L community pool [link]
I have to submit TDS ... ZIP 45 ...


»Posted by Lilie7532, 08/10/09, 11:12 pm

this is a great idea, if i had never thought of it that way.


»Posted by rastagandalf, 02/05/08, 2:13 pm

So I did it with organza fabric instead of mosquito nets, it's just great and even 1-2mm grain size can be used without major losses ... and no, I didn't steal the organza fabric from my mother
You can get it very cheaply in the craft store and it is also very water-permeable ... so also a method, although that helped me with the basic idea, great article!


»Posted by Deleted user, 09.09.07, 20:24

Your idea is brilliant

Great idea . . .

»Posted by mooskugel, 12/10/06, 7:19 am

Simply a great idea and a reason why such a forum is worthwhile.

Thank you Manu

how it all came about:

Wash aquarium gravel

»Posted by nicolechris, 08/27/05, 12:37 pm

I took a pasta strainer and stretched a hairnet over the pasta strainer, which must be worn in the food industry. Though it takes a little longer than yours, it is also fine.

Kind regards nicolechris

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