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Autonomous driving: AutoX brings driverless taxis to the streets in Shenzhen

Driverless taxis in Shenzhen: The Chinese company AutoX operates a fleet of driverless taxis in the southeast Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. However, passengers are not yet allowed to board.

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25 Chrysler Pacifica minivans from the Italian-American car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler (FAC) will be used. The vehicles are equipped so that they can also be driven by a person. However, you will drive through Shenzhen without a security driver or another accompanying person on board.

Shenzhen allows the test

It is the first test of driverless vehicles in China, said an AutoX spokesman for the US online magazine Techcrunch. The company has received appropriate approval from the city administration. Shenzhen is making rapid and great strides in legislation. AutoX announced the project earlier this year. However, the start was already planned for the first half of 2020.

AutoX has already tested autonomous cars from various manufacturers in other Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Wuhu. The company has also received approval from the California Department of Transportation to drive on public roads in the US without a safety driver on board. Previously, only the Alphabet subsidiary Waymo had been given permission to drive highly automated in California.

The vehicles are equipped with lidar and radar sensors for obstacle detection, which are installed on the roof, on the front and on the sides of the cars. The data is processed by a control unit developed in-house, the XCU. The cars should also be able to independently avoid vehicles parked on the roadside and change lanes or change the direction of travel by 180 degrees.

Unlike AutoX shows in the video, no passengers will be able to use the taxis for the time being, said the Techcrunch spokesman. He did not provide any information about when the robotic taxis should be used commercially.