How should I put on make-up?

Make-up tutorial: How to properly make-up explained step by step

How do I apply make-up correctly? In the picture gallery above, we have explained our make-up tips to you step by step. Here are all the steps at a glance:

  1. Concealer
  2. Foundation
  3. powder
  4. rouge
  5. lipstick
  6. Lip liner
  7. eyebrows
  8. Eyeshadow
  9. Eyeliner
  10. Mascara

Make-up: does make-up give you bad skin?

"You only get bad skin from make-up when you start with it!" A sentence that some of us heard from our mothers during puberty. But what is it about this statement? Do you automatically get bad skin when using make-up? We asked ...

Pimples, blackheads and oily, shiny skin can be super concealed if we use the right make-up. But it also seems to be a little vicious circle. If you want to cover your blemished skin, your make-up will make your skin worse? Not quite. Because with the right application and the right products, it doesn't have to be!

Anyone who suffers from blemished skin needs targeted care with the right active ingredients. But it starts with facial care. Well before the make-up is even used. Daily facial cleansing is very essential here. After removing make-up in the evening, the face should be washed properly again. The night cream must not be forgotten either. Even before applying make-up, we should prepare our skin for it.

When applying the make-up, the skin is covered with it. This means that our skin suffers from a lack of oxygen. When our skin suffers from a lack of oxygen, natural collagen cannot be produced. It is therefore important that we prepare our facial skin for make-up with the right facial care. Because if we lack collagen, our skin is no longer supplied with the desired elasticity and the skin of the face looks dry and slack. Those who use make-up also use a concealer to cover the dark circles. Proper preparation is also very important here. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive. Therefore, we also need an eye cream when applying the concealer. If you don't properly moisturize your eye area, you run the risk of premature wrinkles. If you are still looking for a good eye cream, we can recommend this to you!

Do's and don'ts for properly applying make-up


  • Match the make-up to your body skin tone (e.g. the color of your forearm)
  • The concealer should be two shades lighter than your foundation
  • When applying eyeshadow, you should apply a primer or concealer to your eyelid to bring out the best possible color


  • Do not use your neck as a guide when it comes to color, it can quickly become too light for your face
  • Never apply the bronzer all over your face. Better to use it sparingly on the cheekbones at the very end

Make-up tips for blemished skin

When it comes to make-up tips for blemished skin, opinions differ. Many want to cleverly hide their blemished skin with the help of make-up, others fear that foundation and co. Will only make matters worse. You should follow these steps when applying make-up on blemished skin to avoid make-up mistakes:

  • Before applying your makeup, apply a day cream to your skin
  • Cover up redness with a green concealer
  • Choose makeup specifically for blemished skin. Make sure it's about a shade lighter than your normal skin tone.
  • Clean your brushes and sponges after each use to prevent bacteria from getting on your skin.

Make-up according to eye shape: how do I make up my eyes correctly?

To bring out your eyes optimally, you can match your eye make-up to the shape of your eyes. You can find out which make-up tips you should know below.

1. Make up small eyes

You can make small eyes look bigger by closing white kohl engages. That opens your eyes. Simply apply the white kohl to the lower waterline - this will make your eyes look much brighter. On the other hand, you should avoid thick eyeliner. This would crush the little eyes and make them look even smaller.

2. Make-up big eyes

If you have large eyes, you can use dark eyeliner. A dark eyeliner makes the eyes look slightly smaller, but at the same time sets the scene perfectly. Simply apply the black eyeliner on the waterline around the eye.

3. Make up almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are very sensual and beautiful. The shape is perfect for all kinds of eyeliner lines. Our favorite look for almond-shaped eyes: the flowing eyeliner with a dynamic curve.

4. Make-up for tired eyes

Who does not know it. In the morning we stand in front of the mirror and first of all ask ourselves where the tired eyes come from and how we can best remove the dark circles under the eyes. The tired eyes naturally come from binge watching the night before, but what is the best way to hide them? We explain step by step how the dark circles are concealed and which products are really suitable for it.

We like to use concealer for tired eyes. And that is also the right solution! But not every concealer also conceals well. We recommend the “Bye Bye Under Eye” concealer from it cosmetics, which not only covers our nasty dark circles, but also properly cares for them with anti-aging peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acids. The conealer is waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours - simply perfect!

Do not apply the concealer around the entire eye, but selectively on the necessary areas. When choosing the color of your concealer, remember that you always use a shade lighter than your own skin tone.

Unfortunately, dark circles are not the same as dark circles, because some of us have more bluish shadows under our eyes, others more brownish-purple. To fight bluish dark circles, you can fight against with gentle pink ones. For brownish-violet dark circles with yellowish-orange nuances.

What is the best way to apply the concealer?

We find it much easier to apply the concealer with our fingers than with a brush or sponge. This allows you to dab the concealer on the dark areas more specifically. In order to get the best out of our eyelashes, we use eyelash serums and mascara (also interesting: Do eyelashes grow again?). Here you can find out how to get full eyelashes and which mascara mistakes make you look older despite a radiant complexion.

Make-up your eyelashes properly

We have already told you in great detail how to make your complexion shine. But even the eyelashes can do a lot for a natural, well-groomed and alert expression.

Which type of woman should make-up and how?

No matter what your skin color, complexion, how old or young you are or what style you have: It does not matter how you put on your make-up - the main thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin and like yourself with the make-up. up the way you wear it! Because that is still the most important thing when applying make-up.

Do you have to buy high-end products for good make-up?

No, you don't have to. Good make-up can also be done easily with inexpensive products. The only important thing is that the products suit you and that you know how to apply them. If you want to invest some money, then we would advise you to rely on high-quality brushes. With these even very cheap make-up can be easily applied and perfectly blended.

Don't forget to remove your make-up

No matter how beautiful your make-up has turned out and how good the coverage is - at some point it has to be removed. The daily removal of make-up is therefore of great importance in order to prevent skin blemishes such as blackheads, pimples or acne. We recommend washable make-up removal pads for this. You can easily moisten this with warm water and spread your cleansing milk and then a clarifying cleansing water on it. Then don't forget the night care. You can find out more about the perfect skin care routine here.

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