Why is my computer screen constantly buggy

Windows 10: black screen - what to do?

If Windows 10 only shows a black screen after booting, there are different reasons for this. We explain to you what these are and how you can counteract them.

Is there an easy solution to fix the problem?

The simplest solution is to restart the computer. If that doesn't help, you should try different solutions.

What does it mean if a mouse pointer or a loading circle can still be seen?

In this case, there is a software problem that may be resolved by updating the driver or troubleshooting.


1. Identify errors

The simplest attempt at a solution is to check the cables first.

If the screen stays black after booting Windows 10, this can have many causes. In most cases this is just a minor mistake and nothing to worry about.

Because often the problem is relatively easy to fix. The main difficulty is finding the right solution. That's why we're going to introduce you to some of the causes of a black screen in Windows 10 and how you can possibly fix the error.

1.1. Software errors as the cause of a black screen in Windows 10

The following errors are often the cause of the screen remaining black. Sometimes this is already the case when starting up, sometimes only after logging in.

  • The Screen is not recognized or Windows 10 is looking for it at the wrong port.
  • Often times, the problem also occurs when two screens connected are.
  • Also the driver, especially the graphics card, can trigger a black screen in Windows 10.
  • Also Updates unfortunately can occasionally cause problems and trigger a black screen.

1.2. Hardware error

Problems do not always have to arise in the software, they can of course also affect the hardware. In this case, the screen remains black when it boots up. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • The connection cable on the computer or monitor loose or damaged.
  • The The power cord on the monitor is not plugged in properly.
  • The Monitor is defective. If you have another one, connect that one for comparison.
  • The monitor is on that However, the brightness is set too darkto recognize something.
  • Some Hardware is not compatible with Windows 10 and therefore causes problems. Disconnect all devices such as mouse, keyboard or external hard drives from the computer or laptop and restart it.

2. First troubleshooting steps

Sometimes the mouse pointer is still displayed.

To ensure that your computer is not simply in standby mode, move the mouse pointer and click anywhere. Briefly pressing the power button again brings your computer out of energy-saving mode.

2.1. Restart

If the screen remains black, it is never wrong, to try a restart first. Many problems can be solved all by themselves. If that doesn't solve the problem, try the following options.

3. Windows 10: black screen due to monitor problems

First check the connection between the monitor and the computer and make sure that nothing is loose and that all connections are tight. The cable itself may also be damaged. It is best to try a different connection such as HDMI or DVI.

3.1. Two monitors

Another cause could also be the use of two screens.

  1. Enter the key combination "Windows + P".
  2. With that you can different screen modes choose.
  3. See if another mode fixes the problem.
  4. If you still get a black screen, shut down your computer.
  5. Remove the cable from the second display and restart the computer.
  6. If your screen is now displayed as usual, log in and reconnect the second screen.

4. Windows starts: Troubleshoot before or after logging in

One of the most common errors is a video card driver problem. This usually only occurs after the PC has startedbefore you get to the login screen.

  1. Start the computer as usual until you have the black screen in front of you.
  2. Now press the space bar or the Ctrl key and enter your password "blindly" for the login.
  3. Confirm with Enter. With a little luck, the normal desktop should appear again.
  4. Then install the latest graphics drivers to resolve the issue.

Tip: The best way to keep your drivers up-to-date can be found in this post.

4.1. Black screen after update

Occasionally it can also happen Windows 10 shows a black screen after a system update. This was most recently the case in June when several people complained of a black screen on startup.

In this case it might help if you enter the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Del". A power button then appears in the lower right corner, which you can use to restart the computer. Ideally, the problem is then resolved.

4.2. Call up the task manager

Will just give you a black screen with mouse pointer is displayed, enter the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Del". You now have access to the Task Manager, which you can use to troubleshoot the error. You can find out how to do this in this video:

5. Computer does not start up

It is particularly annoying when the computer hangs up and only one charging circuit is displayed.

Does the problem already occur when the Computer not started up yet it is often related to the fact that he was stuck with a problem. In this case, a charging circle that rotates incessantly and the message "Preparing automatic repair" or "PC diagnosis in progress" often appear.

  1. Long press the power button to turn off the computer.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. The computer will now enter repair mode.
  4. Choose Troubleshoot, then choose Refresh or Reset your PC, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

If this tip doesn't work, try the following trick:

  1. Turn off the PC and restart it as described above.
  2. During startup, press the F8 key several times. This will open Safe Mode, which will show you some basic options.
  3. Go to Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and then Startup Settings.

6. Didn't find the right solution?

Tried different options but Windows 10 still showing the black screen? Unfortunately, there are many causes that cannot all be listed here.

The screen or graphics card may also be damaged. In this case, you should contact a repair service. If your device is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer.

A detailed troubleshooting on the subject of "Windows 10 black screen" can of course be found on the Microsoft support page.

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