What makes Bill Maher fun

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Why do adults believe in completely absurd things like immaculate conception, speaking serpents, or resurrection from the dead? Or Jonas, who survived trapped in a whale? - "But there was talk of a big fish, not a whale!" - "Ah, now it makes sense!"

Welcome to Religulous! Bill Maher shows us the incredibly weird world of religion and shows what has always been clear to those who know. But they have a lot of fun (be careful, pun!) On this crazy foray through the great world religions.


Not only is Bill Maher an award-winning US comedian and host of numerous television shows, he's also a die-hard agnostic. Religion is a thorn in his side and has always been a main target of his relentless punchlines. For him, Religulous is probably the fulfillment of a small lifelong dream: in the length of a feature film and in collaboration with BORAT director Larry Charles, he does his best to expose representatives of all major world religions - as well as their close relatives, e.g. US senators. To confront them with their own stupidity. With their neurological disorders. Because, in Maher's opinion, religion is exactly that: nothing more than a neurological disorder. A disease. And that should be treated.

And that's exactly what Maher proves very impressively in this film - there is simply no other explanation for the madness that shows itself here on the screen. From a denial of reality to sheer fanaticism, everything is offered, including unprecedented stupidity, of course. Maher presents his - admittedly easy - victims ice cold in his interviews, lets them run into the open knife. He always seems to know very well which answers he can expect and can counter targeted even before his counterpart has achieved the predicate in his sentence.

It is perfectly clear that Maher takes neither religion nor his interlocutors seriously. And that's good. One should, correct: may not, take religion seriously. In fact, there are no reasons to even tolerate religion (even if Maher mentions such reasons in one of the first scenes). Because: Religion is not just sheer stupidity, religion is dangerous. And right now, when fundamentalism is again becoming socially acceptable in Central Europe, it is more important than ever to point this out.

There is no reason to differentiate here either. Religulous underlines this impressively when it becomes clear in an interview with a former Mormon that he has committed social suicide by leaving.

"Yes, the Mormons!" - "Yes, the fundamentalists" no, just not. In the United States, even an ordinary politician commits professional suicide if he is not a believer. Or at least pretend. All of this is interrelated, every religious person and everyone who even supports religion is part of this global problem.

Of course: Religulous is tendentious. And the film only works very superficially with actual arguments. It's about exposure, it's about showing off how incomprehensible belief is.

But that is exactly what distinguishes Religulous and with him Bill Maher: you have seen unnecessary "level" discussions here too often, at round tables. But religion cannot be dealt with with arguments and facts. When things get too tight, God's ways are unfathomable. This is precisely why this documentation deliberately refuses to take what's going on seriously.

Religulous makes politically incorrect and unrestrained fun of belief and religion. It is also allowed to savor it down to the last detail once the interviewee has fallen into the trap.

Religulous has tons of hilarious moments. When an imam's cell phone rings in the middle of an interview and he also has Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" ringtone, that in itself is a diaphragmatic breaker. But if the makers take advantage of this and show in subtitles which SMS messages are exchanged in this scene, you have to make a lot of effort not to tip over from your armchair: "What r ur orders?" - "Kill the Jew Maher! :-) lol".