How to open your push notification

Deactivate and activate push notifications - this is how it works

You will be informed about new features in an app via a push message on your start screen without opening the application yourself. This is, for example, the display of new WhatsApp messages or update information.

If you don't want to be disturbed by messages from a special app or type, the push messages can be deactivated. We show how this works on Android and iOS.


Push notifications on Android

Almost every installed app provides you with information via a push message on the screen. The weather app shows current forecasts, news apps push headlines into the notification bar and messengers report directly that there is a new chat message. Often it is useful information. Sometimes, however, only advertising or a hint to simply open the corresponding app again is played out as a push message. If you want to turn off the distraction, you can turn off push notifications on your Android phone as follows:


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Control the section Apps at.
  3. Call up the application for which you want to switch off the push notifications.
  4. Scroll down to the section App settings.
  5. You can find the option here Notifications.
  6. Slide the slider down show notifications to the left.
  7. You will no longer receive any popups from this application on your screen. To be informed about news, you have to open the app.
  8. Alternatively, you switch in the area Categories only certain push notifications from this app.


In addition, you can switch off notifications directly via the corresponding push message on your home screen:


  1. When the message arrives on your screen, hold your finger on the message.
  2. A new menu opens with the option Allow notifications from this category. Slide the slider to the left.
  3. Note that you have only switched off a special notification type and not all push notifications from this app in this way. If you deactivate the preview of a group message from WhatsApp in this way, for example, you will continue to be notified of individual messages via push.