How long does a financial audit take

Unreasonable duration of a tax audit

Answer to the question from the lawyer20.12.2011 | 22:57

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Regarding your question, I refer to a judgment of the FG Berlin / Brandenburg from 4 May 2010, AZ: 5 K 7219/06 B.

In the case decided there, the company waived the interest that was due on the back payments.
This was rejected in the matter on the grounds that the company had an interest rate advantage from the late payment and that the tariffs were neither sanctions, pressure, nor punishment, but rather term-dependent consideration for a possible use of capital. Desha
Against this background, it is insignificant for the obligation to pay whether the interest advantage of the taxpayer is based on a delayed submission of the tax return by the taxpayer or a delayed processing by the tax office.
The tax audit dragged on for 5 years and was based on the auditor's illness.

With best regards
RA K. Roth

With best regards
RA K. Roth