Why is raw milk illegal in Canada

These products are banned in other countries

Menthol cigarettes have been banned in the EU since May 20th. There are also bans in other countries - sometimes even for products and foods that we take for granted.

Different countries, different customs: These foods and products, which are freely available from us, may not be sold in other countries.

Raw milk

The sale of raw milk is banned in Australia, Canada and some US states, among others. Although farmers or owners of a cow are allowed to drink the freshly milked milk, it is not permitted to sell it. Possible pathogens that are only killed by heating are given as a reason.

chewing gum

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore. The country's import regulations state that chewing gum, like weapons and ammunition, cannot be imported. The only exception is only for medically or dental hygienically required products. This is to prevent the pollution of roads and public transport.


The USA is the land of opportunity - firearms are allowed, surprise eggs are prohibited. The reason is a law of 1938. It prohibits sweets that contain inedible objects - because of the risk of swallowing. "Kinder Joy", on the other hand, is allowed - a plastic egg with a chocolate filling in one half and toys in the other.


The possession of poppy seeds is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan, among others. The reason for the poppy seed ban in these countries is the opiates contained in poppy seeds.

plastic bags

In some countries, including Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya, plastic bags are completely banned. The bags may not be imported, exported, manufactured, sold or owned. Violations can result in high fines or imprisonment.

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