Is Lord Hanuman Still Alive 2

Online Puja: Puja for Lord Hanuman with recitation of his 108 names

Sun., August 30, 2020
9.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m.


Online with Yagneswara Dixit from Bangalore, India


Online puja


Participation is free.


Yoga recommends the worship of symbols as a natural way to develop concentration and as a concrete reference to one's own spiritual ideas and beliefs. Our priest Yagneswara Dixit will perform the puja online from his home in Bangalore, South India. He will explain the mantras, mudras (hand gestures), yantras (geometric meditation diagrams) as well as philosophical and mythological aspects of the deities. If you already have a statue or symbol at home, you can learn a simple worship ceremony on your altar at home.


Yagneswara Dixit has shared the practices of South Indian temple traditions with the staff, teachers and students of the Sivananda Centers in Europe for many years.


English with translation into French, German, Spanish and possibly other languages.


Thats how it works:

  • You register using the registration form below
  • Then you will immediately receive the zoom link to the yoga class.
  • The transfer works on all Apple, Android or Windows devices. Preferably a device with a camera so we can see you.
  • Your device will then guide you step by step through the free download of the Zoom software.
  • Zoom will then lead you to the online connection to the yoga class


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