Who was the craziest US president

Trump positive: the crazy patient

Donald Trump may be the biggest liar to ever sit in the White House. But you have to give him one thing: he is authentic through and through. Even in the face of a life-threatening illness, the US president remains true to himself.

Since Trump, as well as his wife Melania and another dozen Republican partisans, tested positive for the corona virus last week, he has basically only had two goals: He wants to present the world with an image of strength, even invulnerability. And he wants to prove that he knows more than all the experts around him. If they were once climatologists or virologists to whom he demonstrated his intellectual superiority, it is now the treating doctors in the Walter Reed Clinic who have to obey him. A quick recovery is not essential, because Donald Trump cannot be seriously ill.

The result of this attitude is chaos such as Washington has never seen. A sick US president is always a risk factor. But with Trump there is also the fact that nobody knows how he is really doing because the doctors have spread obvious false reports from the start. When they spoke of mild symptoms on Friday, Trump's lungs were in fact in critical condition.


Perhaps he has since recovered and can safely return to the White House. But in a 74-year-old overweight man, this would be an unusual course of the disease. The drugs with which he is treated do not fit this picture and allow only two explanations: Either he suffers from a very serious case of Covid-19 - or he is his own doctor and demands any therapy, however questionable.

Trump's jaunt to his fans in front of the hospital on Sunday evening was double madness: he endangered his driver, security guard and hospital staff, and he showed that his image is about his health. The man has an excess of energy, but that does not protect against the consequences of the virus. And the irrationality with which Trump is trading these days can make one shudder. Trump has never shown consideration for others. In his appearance at a meeting with major donors Thursday night, Trump may have spread the virus among his most loyal supporters.

Meanwhile, Trump's chances of his re-election are dwindling. His aggressively destructive appearance against Joe Biden in the first TV debate last week made the polls fall behind. The campaign team is paralyzed. But it is precisely this apocalyptic mood that makes Trump particularly dangerous. Just as it can order doctors to break their professional oath by making false statements, it could also mobilize the US military against its enemies overseas or domestically. He can tweet again, as Trump proves every minute. But doubts about his ability to govern are rapidly growing.

For such cases there is the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. But in order to put it into effect, Trump's ministers and the party would have to defend themselves against his arbitrariness. And there is currently nothing to suggest. The time until January 20, 2021, the day when a new president is inaugurated, is still long - too long. (Eric Frey, October 5, 2020)