What are some magazines for publishing poetry

Poetry of the present

Here you will find a list of currently active journals that publish poetry, among other things. The websites can be reached by clicking on the logos.

also is a munich literary magazine that is interested in contemporary modern texts that go beyond the usual classic patterns and leave the current scheme of lyric and prose at prominent places.
besides, also publishes texts that see themselves outside the established literature business; texts that juxtapose the usual lyric and prose with surprising and innovative text alternatives.

BELLA dreary is a magazine for contemporary German-language literature. BELLA presents dreary prose, poetry and drama, essays, interviews and reflections three times a year. Since the spring of 2001, the editions have been telling about what inspires and fascinates the editors most - the literature of the present and its future. The non-profit association BELLA triste e.V. has existed since 2003 and is also the organizer of PROSANOVA, the first and largest festival for young, promising German-language literature, which takes place every three years.

Edit ist a literary magazine from Leipzig that presents new German-language literature three times a year. Since it was founded in 1993, it has campaigned for contemporary spellings, the diversity of literary forms and first translations.
Other projects of the editorial association: the Edit Essay Prize, the competition New German Fiction and the book series volte.

“Counterstrophe. Sheets of poetry " has been published annually since 2008 as a forum for poetry and poetry reception. Under the heading "Premiere" the magazine presents first publications of the most important voices of "Junge Lyrik", in "Portrait" it introduces authors who read at the annual lyric festival of the Literaturhaus Hannover. In the »Essay« section, analyzes and interpretations by critics and scholars on contemporary poetry are presented. The »Dossier« documents the most highly endowed poetry prize in the German-speaking region, the Hölty Prize of the City of Hanover. Most recently, the award winners were Christoph Meckel (2016) and Norbert Hummelt (2018). The »Research« section is used for the bibliographical indexing of currently published volumes of poetry.

LIGHTS. LICHTUNGEN has been published in Graz since 1979 and has developed into a big player in the literary scene in Austria, Germany and also South-East Europe with its international country and city focus. In addition to the publication of internationally renowned authors, LICHTUNGEN primarily promotes still unknown, mostly young talents and offers them a public, with special attention paid to the next generation of literary talents from Austria and Styria. Contributions by well-known scientists and essayists are published in the "Critique of Time" section. Another part of the magazine is dedicated to the fine arts, in which mostly young artists from Austria and other countries are also presented.

Metamorphoses. The Berlin literary magazine has been published since April 2013 metamorphoses quarterly in a new episode. Literature, art and culture stand for cultural reporting as well as for the publication of new poetry and prose.

Metamorphosen has been published by Verbrecher Verlag since October 2015.

mosaic. mosaik is a platform for the communication and networking of contemporary literatures. Print and online publications as well as events create synergies with other art forms and aim to promote current voices and their diversity. The focus here is on the plant.
mosaik wants to create spaces to question the literature and art discourse and to enable new approaches. The eponymous picture emerges from the entirety of these activities.

ODA - place of the eyes. The literary magazine "Ort der Augen", published by the Friedrich-Bödecker-Kreis in Saxony-Anhalt in the dr. ziethen verlag is published four times a year.
The aim of the magazine is to offer interested readers a selection of new and unpublished texts on 80 or 96 pages, which makes it possible to find out about the development of literature, to get to know new authors early on and to find out what well-known authors are working on. The spectrum ranges from poems to short stories, extracts from novels, essays, translations by foreign-language authors and excerpts from plays.
Since the publication sees itself as a literary magazine of Saxony-Anhalt, authors from the state are given special consideration and at the same time more information is provided about literary life in this state. Each issue also includes the introduction of a visual artist and his work.

Ostraenclosure the Dresden magazine for literature and art has existed for twenty years since October 2014. This is due both to the committed editorial staff, which has changed over the years (currently Andreas Beier, Axel Helbig, Jayne-Ann Igel and Aron Koban) as well as to the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the State Capital Dresden and the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, which have persistently promoted the magazine over the years.

The 110 pages of each issue of OSTRAGEHEGE contain articles from literature (poetry, prose, essays and reviews), art (painting, graphics or photography) and music. In the OSTRAGEHEGE program, the encounter with Central and Eastern European literatures has a special significance, which is why one can speak of a unique selling point. But other lines are being pursued just as consistently. Recognized standards are above all the rubrics “Situation discussion - Young German-language poetry” and “Interview”, in which authors from Germany as well as authors from Switzerland, Austria and South Tyrol are presented.

Poet. The literary magazine poet is published every six months by poetenladen Verlag. On more than 200 pages, the poet gives an insight into the young literary scene. The magazine was awarded the Calwer Hermann Hesse Prize in 2010 for its “exemplary concept for promoting young literature”. In addition to poetry and prose, the poet regularly publishes extensive dossiers of non-German poetry, most recently poetry from Flanders, the Caribbean or Brazil.

Another important aspect are the thematic discussions in the magazine, where up to six discussions are held with both young and prominent writers on selected topics such as “literature and everyday life” or “literature and intoxication”.

Things with words. brings color to the black and white of the letters by letting poetry and prose enter into dialogue with graphics and illustration. The diversity of voices in the young literary scene comes together here under a title word from everyday language, which is broken down into its range of meanings.

Each new issue is about a variety of perspectives, language in action and as a process. The magazine has been published in Berlin since 2011.

"Side stitch" is the annual literary magazine of homunculus Verlag, founded in 2015.

It combines texts by current authors with classical works of all fiction genres on a changing theme so that literature overcomes the temporal distance and becomes one. »Seitenstechen« is a total work of art full of new discoveries and rediscoveries.

[SIC] - magazine for literature
[SIC] is an annual publication for contemporary literature.
[SIC] means: “It really says so!”, You have not misread!
[SIC] creates space for texts that may disturb, heave themselves into memory, leave traces.
[SIC] moves the text into the center.
[SIC] is looking for the offensive in language and writing, looking for texts that make conceptual suspects without being speechless.
[SIC] sharpens the eye for the literal nature of the metaphor and the imagery of the literal.
[SIC] has and always had the courage to pursue qualitative diversity, this is the only way that young authors can also be offered an adequate forum and the necessary scope for development.

The design is not a minor matter at [SIC], the elaborate design of the booklets, realized by the Berlin designer Viola Binacchi, is intended to encourage a bibliophile reading experience and is at the same time an inclination to the printed text.

QUIET is a magazine for new literature and artistic photography from Berlin and New York. It presents new poetry, prose, drama, essays, translations and artistic photography, mainly by young and emerging authors and artists. S T I L L has been networking artists, translators and authors across existing fields since 2012 and offers a laboratory for contemporary literature and art production. At the end of 2015, the magazine will appear in a new, digital form for the first time in addition to the printed version.