Where can I buy wood like that?

Buy wood for furniture construction

Wood is the material of choice on the construction site, in the workshop and when making furniture. who Buy wood should seek advice from your specialist dealer:

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The timber dealer offers high quality wood in a wide variety (strips, glued wood, chipboard to laminates) and competent advice. Of course, many hardware stores also offer wood cutting. But if you saw and plane your strips yourself at home, you can go to Wood purchase save a lot of money!


Buy furniture wood

Wood is a versatile material: Because of its high stability and relatively low weight, it is in great demand as a building material for roof trusses, lightweight partition walls and wooden facades. Its properties also make wood a popular material for do-it-yourselfers, as it is very easy to work with. The construction material wood is visually impressive due to its diversity and the renewable, CO2-neutral raw material also sets the direction ecologically.

In our building instructions, wood is usually the most important building material, because it is easy for do-it-yourselfers to work with and relatively inexpensive. For furniture, wood also impresses with its elegant look and pleasant feel. But beyond furniture construction, there are many areas of application for wood and wood-based materials in the house and garden. But if you work with a lot of wood, you should Buy wood Pay attention to a cheap source of supply in order to keep enjoying your hobby for a long time.


Where to buy wood

Hardware stores and specialist shops offer a pleasing abundance of wood products. So that you get the best value for your money, you should always examine the goods carefully and critically in order to notice wood defects before buying. Because wood costs its price: As long as you get flawless goods for your money, that is entirely justified. However, quality cannot be taken for granted. The natural material wood must be treated appropriately throughout the entire production chain, from felling, drying and storage to sale.


Saving tip: buy wood cheaply

You can save money if you purchase wood from factory or factory sales. Wood products such as glued wood, strips, planed goods, frames, smooth-edged wood and wood-based materials are available. A visit to the regional sawmill is usually more financially attractive than buying it in a hardware store.
Often these are remnants or special items or second-choice wood. You should order the material beforehand. You can then pick it up on site yourself. Some companies also deliver.


Timber trade: You can buy timber here >>

HolzLand is a nationwide association of local, medium-sized timber traders who devote their hearts and minds to timber trading every day at over 250 locations. Do-it-yourselfers who buy wood there benefit from the strength of the cooperation, for example from favorable purchasing conditions, but offer the expertise and reliability of a family business.


Find the wood retailer in your area now >>

The offer of the HolzLand dealers is not limited to construction timber and garden timber, as you need it for the construction of a carport or a terrace. The HolzLand range also includes kitchen worktops, panels for ceilings and walls and wood coverings for the floor.


The Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e. V. (www.holzhandel.de)

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