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Rockabilly party: Our playlist with the coolest songs

Rockabilly music developed in the mid-50s of the last century. This new direction, then alternative music, was born in the southern United States. Rockabilly music is a mixture of rock ā€™nā€™ roll, rhythm & blues and country music. Today there is a large following of rockabilly music worldwide. Do you want to celebrate a rockabilly theme party or are you just into the music? No matter why you need them, here comes the ultimate rockabilly playlist.

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Rockabilly music today

Rockabilly music often deals with the conservative attitude towards life of the 50s. That is why rockabilly music often sings about love and home. Even today, many rockabilly music fans are drawn to the good old days of the 50s and 60s. Other lovers also just like the alternative music and typical rockabilly clothing.

Incidentally, the term rockabilly as an umbrella term for the rockabilly scene was only established in the 1980s. Because the alternative music genre that emerged at the time actually developed into its own scene. The rockabilly music & scene has established itself especially in Europe and Japan. There are magazines, internet forums and festivals that deal exclusively with rockabilly music.

Rockabilly playlist

Whether for a party or because you just feel like rockabilly music again, we have created the perfect playlist of the best rockabilly hits for you on Spotify. Our rockabilly party playlist is a colorful mix of old and new rockabilly music artists.

Our rockabilly playlist contains:

Host rockabilly party

Do you want to host a whole party right away? For a successful rockabilly party or 50s party, you need a little more than just the music. For a rockabilly party, you also need the right rockabilly clothing and rockabilly party decorations. To pick up on the typical patterns and colors of the 50s, you can get dotted disposable plates and cups, for example. The dotted patterns are not only popular on dishes, but also on women's rockabilly clothing.

The typical rockabilly dress has a flared circle skirt or a petty coat. The men's rockabilly clothing varies from a simple combination of shirt, vest, bow tie and hat to fancy rock-style leather jackets. Today tattoos are also very popular with rockabilly music fans. You can find rockabilly clothing in any good costume rental shop or here.

If you are into alternative music and would like to party alternatively, you should definitely visit a rockabilly party or a rockabilly festival.

Conclusion: Rockabilly music rocks

We think a rockabilly party is definitely a great experience. Also, for those who don't actually belong to the rockabilly scene. Do you want to throw your own party or do you just feel like listening to cool rockabilly songs, then use our Spotify playlist! For larger parties or your rockabilly wedding, you can of course find the perfect DJs and musicians at weltklassejungs.de. We wish you a lot of fun dancing and partying!

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