What makes fat thicker than oil

Overweight / Obesity - Practical Tips

suitable foodsunsuitable foodsfleshlean meat of all types of veal, beef or pork without visible fatfatty meat of all kinds, e.g. bacon, pork bellySausagesLow-fat sausages, e.g. cold roast, smoked pork, poultry sausage, roast beef, cooked ham without a fat rimhigh-fat sausages, e.g. liver sausage, Mettwurst, cervelat, mortadella, salamiWildall low-fat piecespoultrywithout skinMast duck, mast goosefishLean fish, e.g. cod, plaice, halibut, haddock, saithe, pikeperch, perch, pike, soleOily fish, e.g. eel, salmon, herring, tuna, kippers, schillerlockenFish productslean fish products marinated without oil or in jellySmoked, salted fish, e.g. pickled herring, canned fish marinated in oil or saucesEggsEgg whiteegg yolkDairy productsLow-fat milk 1.5% fat, condensed milk 4% fat, natural yoghurt 1.5% fat, low-fat quark, sour cream 10%, fat, buttermilk, curd milk, kefir, sour milkWhole milk 3.5% fat, coffee cream, condensed milk 7.5% fat, natural yoghurt 3.5% fat, quark 40%, fat, whipped cream, creme fraichecheeseLow-fat cheeses up to 30% fat in dry matter, e.g. cottage cheese, Camembert 30% fat in dry matterCheeses from 40% fat in dry matter, e.g. Brie, double cream cheeseFats / oilsMargarine, butter semi-fat margarine rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, olive oilLard, tallow, bacon, coconut fat, mayonnaise (replace with low-fat dairy products in salad marinades)fruitall types of fresh fruit (depending on the season)Canned fruitvegetablesall kinds, steamed or raw, fresh or frozen (depending on the season)Canned vegetablesHerbs and spicesIodized salt in moderation, herbs and spices fresh, frozen or freeze-dried, vegetable seasoningReady-made saucesPotatoesJacket potatoes, boiled potatoes, shell potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato dumplingsFrench fries, chips, fried potatoesNutrientsBrown rice (unpolished rice), whole grain pastaPolished rice, white flour pastaloafall whole grain productsWhite flour and starch productsBakery productsall low-fat types, e.g. lean yeast dough, quark-oil dough with fruit topping, wholegrain cakes, wholegrain pastriesSalty pastries, e.g. chips and tacos, all types of high fat, e.g. fatty yeast dough, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, sponge cakes, tarts, fried foods, pastries made from white flourconfectionerySweetener, jams and stewed compotes preserved with sweetener (reduced calories)high in carbohydrates *:
Sugar, honey, syrup, jams and compotes with canned sugar, candies
Chocolate, nougat, marzipan, ice cream, etc.nutsall kinds unsalted in small amountssalted nuts e.g. peanutsbeveragesall non-alcoholic drinks, e.g. tea, mineral water, all drinks without added sugar e.g. naturally cloudy / pure fruit and vegetable juices, best diluted (spritzer), coffee (in moderation)Alcohol, fruit juices and fruit nectars with added sugar, lemonades, sodas