How can a Hindu convert to Islam

Babies can't decide anything yet. Therefore, many parents ensure that their children are accepted into the religious community to which they belong.
The children of Jewish mothers even automatically belong to Judaism. They inherit the religion, so to speak. Jewish boys are also circumcised on the eighth day of their life. This is the sign of their connection with God.
Muslims believe that everyone is a Muslim from birth. They also have their sons circumcised.
Christians are baptized, some as babies and others later.
As a young person or adult, you decide for yourself. In some religions you even "seal" your faith with a special act in front of the congregation:
Jewish boys celebrate the bar mitzvah in the synagogue, girls the bat mitzvah.
Catholic children consent to their faith with communion and, as young people, with confirmation.
Evangelical Christians are confirmed.
Hindus inherit their religion from parents. The boys of the upper three social classes also receive the "sacred cord". Many Hindus and Buddhists also celebrate very different reception festivals depending on the area.

Some people lose their conviction in the course of their lives and leave their religious community again. Or they are attracted to another religious community. Then they can change their religion. This is called converting.

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