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Trek Fahrrad introduces three new employees

Personnel, press, projects March 16, 2020, 3:49 p.m.
Trek Fahrrad GmbH (Dübendorf, Switzerland) has filled three positions in human resources, communication and project management in the past few weeks.
Deborah Varisco (left), Veit Hammer, Jacqueline Bonfils
Business economist Deborah Varisco succeeds Salvatore Di Maso, who is moving into management at Trek Europe, and will represent the team as HR manager. Born in Italy, she has worked primarily in finance and human resources management over the past few years and has been with Trek since the beginning of February.
Since then, Veit Hammer has also acted as Communications Manager DACH for the American family company. "With him, an experienced communication specialist joins our team", says Guido Anderwert, Marketing Manager of Trek Fahrrad GmbH, and praises: "He has in-depth product knowledge and, with his creative approaches, becomes our communication strategy both digital and classic Advancing channels. ”The 40-year-old German has gained professional experience in the bicycle industry as well as in professional cycling over the past few years.
Another new addition to the team is Jacqueline Bonfils, an experienced retail project manager. All three will work from Dübendorf. "We look back on some extremely successful years, which resulted in the further expansion of our location," said Urs Keller, CEO of Trek Fahrrad GmbH. "We were able to reposition ourselves in some positions and are therefore ideally equipped for the future."

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