Cyprus has its own language

What language do they speak in Cyprus?

English is the second common lingua franca in Cyprus and as natural as the olive oil in restaurants, it is part of Cyprus. Whether private health insurance, the bank or car insurance, the waiters in the restaurant, it is commonplace everywhere that many people communicate in English. Since English is very well established, English is the "second official language" in many offices, i.e. not always, but the forms are very often available in English.

Most of the documents are printed in English or in two languages ​​from the outset - or, if necessary, provided in English on request.

Most of the information and signs are provided with the words in the national language as well as in Germanic letters.

If this is not the case, the sign such as "Exit" or "Ladies' room" is self-explanatory with a graphic.

Perhaps not everyone speaks English, a few Cypriots hardly speak English, but usually there is always someone who can help you further in English. English is spoken in the workshop, in the furniture store, in the supermarket, at the police station, in the post office, in administration and much more.

In addition, there are many language schools on the island that teach you English, Greek (and sometimes Cypriot).

English is spoken differently in the Republic of Cyprus than almost everywhere in the best north. Other language courses are available in Russian, as well as French, Italian and even German.

Do you have to know Greek to have a good life in Cyprus?

If you are not dependent on a job at a foreign company, English is enough. For a job, depending on the company and industry, it may be necessary to know or learn Greek.

English is enough! Emigrating to Cyprus is not associated with the unnecessary stress of learning a new foreign language, after all, Greek is not an easy language to learn.

Don't stress yourself, come here first. If you want, you can if you want (!) Learn the most important vocabulary and if you want, you can also learn the entire language in a local language school.

Of course, the Cypriots are happy to have a conversation in Greek at least after work, but they know that it is not a widespread language and that it is difficult to learn and they do not take it seriously if one cannot speak Greek.

It is not necessary, just "nice to have".

In the rare case that you cannot find the ingredient list of products in the supermarket in English, the Google Translate app will help you. -> Switch on mobile internet or wifi - take a photo, click translate, and the German-language list of ingredients is ready!

In addition to private language schools, there are also state-run Greek courses, which cost € 55 in places with more than 500 inhabitants and € 27.50 in places with less than 500 inhabitants for half a year of lessons.

These courses start in early November and end in May and offer 24x 90 minute study lessons. If you want to do that, there is hardly any cost involved.

What is Cypriot?

Like Mallorcan, if you will, Cypriot is a dialect. In Mallorca, for example, Spanish is spoken, but also Majorcan. There is a small, really very small difference: in Spanish, for example, it is called libre, in Mallorcan lliure.

Cypriot is a dialect in Greek, just as there is a difference in Germany between Saxon, Bavarian and Standard German.