Which camera lens is best for journalism

Aspiration and reality Can journalists report objectively?

Whichever of these two standpoints one takes, it is above all that which is important Traceability of reporting: "Transparency is the new objectivity," wrote the American Internet scientist and philosopher David Weinberger from Havard University in 2009.

Transparency would make information available to the readers / listeners / users with which they could recognize any unwanted impressions or omnipresent distortion effects.

Media scientist Jay Rosen also made a similar statement on Deutschlandfunk in the summer of 2018:

"It is easier for people to trust journalistsif you can say 'This is my point of view' or 'Take a look, here are my data, my numbers, my interviews'. Transparency can also mean: 'Here are ours Priorities as a news magazine, as public radio. These are the topics and evolving news that we believe are important and that we will be reporting on. ' It's a kind of transparency. "

Does this mean that the search for the one truth is virtually obsolete? No. After all, there are certain fundamentals and truths that a society must agree on in order to function. Starting with the fact that existing laws are respected to certain facts that are seen as true.

With regard to media realities, however, Stephan Hebel from the Frankfurter Rundschau suggests a rethink:

"It would also be an assignment for everyone Medial communication of world events should not be understood as a truth machine, but as an offer. As an offer to understand the journalistic representation of reality as the most truthful possible, but at the same time as an approximation, as just one of many possible truths. (...) Instead of indignantly rejecting a 'truth' that is not ours as a lie, we would repeatedly measure our perceptions against each other. Only in this way could something emerge that could be described as a common, public approach to the truth. At least in reality. "

So what remains is the realization: That Insisting on objectivity as the highest principle of journalism cannot do justice to the complexity of the present - it often falls short. Instead it would be a greater focus on transparency important, without neglecting fundamental journalistic principles such as the balance of sources and the separation of opinion and facts.