Is someone using a FlexiSpot standing desk?

Flexispot EN1 height-adjustable standing desk: affordable price with a premium feel

Now, if you work long hours from home, it is important that you have a comfortable desk. Flexispot has years of experience making ergonomic products for the home and office at surprisingly affordable prices. The EN1 is part of a range of height-adjustable desks that come with or without a desktop. The frame tested here was white, but variations in black and gray are also sold.

What's in the box

Before you dive into what you get with the Flexispot EN1, you should dig into the box itself. While it may seem insignificant, the desk comes in a 81 x 24 x 16 cm box, making it less of a nightmare for those who have to carry it up the stairs to an apartment or apartment. However, the package weighs nearly 20kg so climbing the stairs can be a two-person task for some users.

The desk frame is supplied with nine separate stainless steel parts as well as the motor spindle, a power supply unit and the control panel. The desk's single Loctek Linear Motion actuator motor is already attached to the right leg.

You can also find all of the tools you need to build the frame in numbered, plastic-wrapped sections.

Flexispot EN1 specifications

The EN1 frame can safely support desktops between 40 and 63 inches wide and 20 and 32.5 inches deep. It can range from 29 inches lowest to 121 cm highest, although these numbers will depend on the thickness of the desktop material you plan to use.

This material also plays a role as the maximum weight the desk can safely move is 154 lbs and the desktop is attached to the frame with ten screws. This is worth considering if you have a heavy countertop or something you don't want to drill holes in.

  • Altitude range : 71 to 121 cm (29 to 48.6 inches)
  • speed : 1 inch / s
  • Storage Preferences : 3
  • Sit stand reminder : Yes
  • Weight capacity : 70 kg
  • Noise level : <50 dBs
  • warranty : 3 years guarantee on motors and 5 years guarantee on frames

Mostly easy to build

This desk is advertised as being easy to build, and most of the time that's true. In addition to detailed multilingual step-by-step instructions for creating it, Flexispot also offers a video that shows each step.

While my experience was to some extent the same as the one in the video, there were some differences. If you put the desk together on a rug or rug (which would be a good idea to avoid damaging your floor), you may not find that the legs are as free as the video above shows.

Given the motor is mounted near the top of the right side leg, it may be worth hiring someone to help you set it up as you don't want it to fall on your foot. In the final stages of the build process, you will need to flip the desk frame to attach the desktop, power supply, and controls before flipping it again for use.

While all of these steps can (and have been) done on your own, keep in mind that a steel desk frame with a chunky motor might be slightly heavier than the aluminum legs of other budget desks.

The not-so-fiddly bits

The accompanying written manual simplifies the creation process. Each step includes a numbered reference to the parts used and a visual guide.

The only place that bothered me a little was the driveshaft, which requires careful placement to align. If you turn one page too hard, the desk will be crooked. It's also worth mentioning that this is where you'll want to align your desktop with the frame, as once the drive shaft has locked, you won't be able to widen or shorten the frame without loosening it again.

Once attached, the drive shaft must be tightened using a large nut in the middle. Tightening it was also a challenge as it is difficult to grip the smooth metal hose. You should pay attention to both, as this drive shaft is responsible for the entire left side of the desk.

Connecting a desktop

Once the frame is ready, all you need to do is attach a countertop and the electronics of the lifting system. The desktop attaches to the frame with ten screws, two of which are on the central back of the desk to keep the wood perfectly flat on top.

This is where you also attach the power supply and table control (make sure that all connection cables reach first) and the baffles to protect the drive shaft from dangling cables.

The included cleanup cables are a nice touch and keep everything under the work surface out of the way.

Pro tip : This is a good time to adjust the plastic leveling feet if necessary as it is not easy to do after turning the desk over. I found that a good solution was to use a spare piece of wood along with the spirit level app on my phone.

After turning it over, the desk is ready for use.

It goes up and it goes down

Using the Flexispot EN1 frame is a simple process. There are no interactive touchscreen controls, bluetooth or an associated phone app. You press a button and it goes up. Or down.

There are three options for saving height presets, each with their own button and not hidden in menus. The screen is a simple three-part 7-segment display that shows the current altitude. I think this simplicity is a good thing, but if you were hoping to hook up the desk to your smart coffee maker, you'd be disappointed.

The panel itself is made of black plastic. The plastic button covers hide tactile switches, a welcome change from the non-feedback capacitive touch buttons that appear to have taken over consumer electronics.

There is also an alarm function that reminds you to sit / stand after a user-specified amount of time. While it works fine, I probably wouldn't use it in a common space as the piezo buzzer is pretty flashy, but it's a nice feature.

Quieter than expected

In contrast to the timed alarm, the noise when the desk is raised and lowered is remarkably quiet. Even in a quiet room, it's barely above a slight hum. Whether it was unloaded or had a beefy 3D printer and tools, changing the height seemed just as quiet.

As someone with experience with premium standing desks in an office setting, I was impressed with how similar using the EN1 felt compared to the over $ 1000 desks I tried earlier. It can be a little louder or a little slower, but not enough to matter.

This desk is perfect for everyday use with a laptop or desktop and can even withstand light workshop use. Even at its maximum height, it never felt wobbly or unsafe. As someone barely six feet tall, I found that about two inches below the maximum possible height was a comfortable working position.

While it's hard to tell, it seems this desk should work for most people, but if you're not sure, it might be wise to benchmark yourself for a standing desk to check first before buying.

High quality workmanship at a low price

The processing quality of the Flexispot EN1 is excellent. The stainless steel frames are well shaped and fit tightly together. The paint covering the metal is thick enough to survive most scratches and bumps, and while it's a bit reflective, it's good enough to fit almost any room.

Each part of the desk is held together with appropriately sized screws and bolts, with special attention paid to the crossbar, which carries much of the side force of the motors.

The build quality is so good that this desk could probably support a lot more weight if it were equipped with an additional motor. The maximum load of 70 kg here probably has more to do with the maximum power rating of the individual actuator than anything else.

Well thought out prices

One element of Flexispot's business that is valued by some is upfront pricing. The idea is that by buying directly from them you will get the best possible deal possible.

Flexispot is far from the only brand that offers this type of service, but the quality of this desk makes a compelling argument, given the price below $ 300.

Would I recommend the Flexispot EN1?

The Flexispot EN1 motorized desk frame offers a lot for the money. It is easy to build, quiet in operation and has all the functions you need for a standing desk. Even those with experience with much more expensive standing desks are likely to notice few differences in daily use.

The design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. I would imagine that the upper part on the right would fit into any home or office, although with the robustness of the frame it can also withstand light workshop use.

The only major downside is the 70kg weight limit, which can be a factor for those who use thick wooden desktops or want to overwhelm their work surface with tens of pounds of paperwork. It's a compromise, but at this price point I can't find any fault with what Flexispot is offering.