What are feminist arguments against egalitarian porn

Between the wish and the reality of an egalitarian society


In the conviction that the basic intentions of the harm allegations, which were voiced with the APF, are justified, ie suspected pornography not only prevents equality between men and women in modern or postmodern society, but also harms women in an irresponsible way In the late 1990s, philosophers such as Rea Langton, Jennifer Hornsby, but also Susan Bordo, Mary Kate McGrowan or Susan Brison tried to specify the harm thesis in the context of philosophical analyzes, or - in Judith Butler's words - “give logical force to MacKinnon's largely rhetorical claims. "254

In the following, the line of argument that I have called the 'philosophizing of the pornography debate' will first be presented in detail (Chapter 2). Using Langton / Hornsby's speech-act theory approach, I present the attempt at such a philosophizing, which in my opinion is most received, criticized and, in my opinion, at the same time the most differentiated attempt in the US debate. In this context, the critical reception by authors such as Judith Butler, Nancy Bauer, Nadine Strossen or Laurie Shrage should not only highlight possible weaknesses of this approach (Chapter 3). With a view to bringing together what I believe to be the central counter-arguments against the harm thesis, the current state of discussion is presented, taking into account the positions of German-speaking philosophers, sociologists and sexologists in addition to the English-speaking ones. The aim of this chapter is therefore a critical and differentiated comparison of the most important arguments, which should then again provide the motivational and at the same time heuristic basis for my own 'philosophizing' proposal (Part II) ...

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