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Los Angeles 1932 The Medals

On the front the traditional goddess of victory, who holds a palm in her left hand and a crown of victory in her right hand. A design that has been used in Amsterdam since the 1928 Games. It was created by the Florentine artist Giuseppe Cassioli (ITA -1865-1942) and selected after a competition organized by the International Olympic Committee in 1921. For these games, the image of victory is accompanied by the specific inscription: "X. OLYMPIAD LOS ANGELES 1932".

On the back an Olympic champion, who is carried by the crowd in jubilation, with the Olympic Stadium in the background. Note: From 1928 to 1968, the medals for the Summer Games were identical. The organizing committee for the 1972 Games in Munich broke new ground with a different back, designed by a Bauhaus representative, Gerhard Marcks.

Designer: Giuseppe Cassioli

Materials: 1st place (gold-plated silver), 2nd place (silver), 3rd place (bronze)

Diameter: 55mm

Mint: The Whitehead & Hoag Co.

(IOC) Los Angeles

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A visual identity is developed for each Olympic Games.


The medals

Originally an olive wreath, the medal designs have evolved over the years.