Why is WordPress no longer free

Is WordPress really free?

A common question we get asked: is WordPress really free? Yes it is and it will remain so. In this article, we shed light on what you need to spend money on on a WordPress website.

WordPress is free and is still constantly being developed. Nevertheless, a company website requires a little more than a WordPress installation and a few lines of text. The homepage should be the flagship of the company and ultimately win new customers. But only by the way.

What does a WordPress homepage cost? The hosting!

You can host your homepage directly on WordPress. It doesn't cost anything. But make sure that you have far less leeway with your website if you use the fast system on wordpress.com. You cannot install all plugins by far, you can only select a certain selection of themes, etc. We are very reluctant to work with the restricted system.

Instead, we use hosting packages, which often already have a WordPress installer available. Here are a few examples of good hosting services:

The hosting package costs you monthly approx. 5-20 €when you want something meaningful.

What does a WordPress homepage cost? The theme!

There are free themes and for blogs, for example, there are good options to work with free versions. But be careful, we prefer to invest a lot of time in choosing the right theme and also choose paid themes if they fit the project well. Then the theme would rather cost $ 59, but you save a few hours of work because it is much easier to use.

What does a WordPress homepage cost you money? Developer help or workshop

A programmer costs money. WordPress is actually designed to be used by laypeople as well. With this system everyone can create their own homepage. Nevertheless, we believe that you can get started faster and more effectively if you get a small workshop at the beginning. WordPress training is a good option. Online or offline, you need to educate yourself to create a homepage yourself. That can cost a lot of time or, if you have a good workshop, some money.

Of course you have just landed on our blog and we would be happy if you are interested in our offer: Services.

But you can find a lot of information on YouTube and we also look for new developments in videos from time to time. They are a good way to work up information.

Conclusion: WordPress itself is free, but the WordPress homepage and its maintenance costs you time and money.