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Bicycle ... always part of the solution

Episode 24: Children and Cycling [12. May 2021]

The number of children who suffer from a lack of exercise has more than doubled in recent years. This is especially frightening when you look at the problems that result. But how much exercise does a child actually need a day for a healthy and balanced life? Mailin and Thorsten dedicate themselves to this topic and especially illuminate the bicycle as part of the solution for all children.

Since only a few children listen to podcasts, we will tell you how you can get your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren excited about bicycles. Our guest today, Berit Barth from Fahrradies Halle, will explain to you in an interview exactly when a child is ready to get on a bike, why training bikes are so dangerous and what advantages balance bikes have.

In addition: Why do children forget to cycle again in the course of school and what does this have to do with the bicycle test in primary school?

To the show notes.

Episode 23: More cargo bikes, fewer cars! [28. April 2021]

Save 25% and up to € 2,500 when purchasing an e-cargo bike!

The market for cargo bikes has grown strongly in recent years, and there is no end in sight - and rightly so! They can be used flexibly, are quiet, climate-friendly and an inexpensive alternative to the car. Whether used as a transport bike for loads or as a family carriage, these bikes are enjoying increasing popularity. State subsidies are now making this type of bike even more attractive.

In this episode you will find out whether you too can save when buying an e-cargo bike, how to do that and what to do to get it. Look forward to exciting interviews with Claus Hoffmann from the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA), Enak Ferlemann from the CDU and Stefan Gelbhaar from Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen. To the show notes.

Episode 22: E-bike myths, rumors and half-truths [14. April 2021]

E-bikes are only for seniors and lazy people! With an e-bike you don't have to pedal anymore, it has nothing to do with cycling! I don't need an e-bike, I'm still fit! Riding an e-bike is far too dangerous, worst of all are the frenzied pensioners ...

E-bikes are experiencing a real boom and yet rumors, myths and half-truths are circulating that still prevent many people from riding e-bikes and improving their lives with it. Mailin and Thorsten have now set themselves the task of fighting and refuting these myths. You will also find out what you should definitely pay attention to when buying an e-bike. To the show notes.

Episode 21: Corona blues - How cycling helps your psyche [31. March 2021]

It is hard to bear! Sports studios have been closed for ages, sports in larger groups and clubs are prohibited - how can you get rid of all the frustration and stress that accumulates over the week?

No wonder it says that the pandemic has serious psychological consequences. Depression, loneliness, addictions, and domestic violence are just a few of the factors that are regularly reported on. How can the bicycle be part of the solution? And where do I get the time and energy to get myself started cycling? How much bike should I ride in order to have a positive impact on my psyche?

Mailin and Thorsten take on this topic and show you what your way out of the corona blues could look like. To the show notes.

Episode 20: Time for change - you too can make a contribution! [09. February 2021]

Have we actually thanked you before?

Thank you for being such a loyal listener. Thank you for your rating on Apple Podcast and thank you for your positive feedback!

Today is the time to give you something back. Together with you we would like to work on something even bigger. We need your help for this! In this episode you will find out how you can do your part and what we would like to give you in return for your help.

Switching on is worth it!

Episode 19: Freedom cycling - training in the fresh air [28. January 2021]

Exercise in the fresh air is more important than ever, especially today. But how do we motivate ourselves to get on our bikes on cold and wet days? What about alternatives like the exercise bike or roller trainer? Are Strava, Komoot and co. Motivators or do we let digital competitions stress us out?

More and more people are now cycling. We talk to Gunnar Stier, the studio manager of Outfit Cuxhaven, how he and his team keep fit now that all studios are closed. We also asked Lord Mayor Uwe Santjer whether he himself is cycling during this time and what his personal recommendation on fitness and health during Corona is.

A big thank you goes to Outfit Cuxhaven in this episode. Coach Judith has prepared a small workout for you, with which you can strengthen yourself properly and mobilize your body after cycling. Watch the training on YouTube now:

Many thanks also to Uwe Santjer for these motivating words!

Episode 18: Cycling for a good cause - especially now! [16. December 2020]

You could see it coming ... After the "Lockdown light" it is now at the door: The absolute LOCKDOWN as it came to visit in the spring. All this just before Christmas, when the festival of love is always approaching much too unexpectedly and not all of the gifts have been bought yet. CATASTROPHE! Or not?

In this podcast episode, we'll tackle the following questions:

What's next with my bike shop?

My bike is broken, how do I get to the workshop in lockdown?

I wanted to save VAT and buy a new bike, is that still possible?

Help! I'm still missing presents, can't I somehow still buy something from you?

What about the traditional "cycling for the Christmas roast" that can still take place?

The ceiling falls on my head at home, what can I do?

Episode 17: E-mountain bikes: useless or useful? [10. December 2020]

How sporty is e-mountain biking really? When does it make sense to get one and who shouldn't buy an EMTB? We were on a test drive in the Harburg mountains and report on our experiences and impressions. We also introduce you to the hottest bikes for the 2021 model year.

Exclusively for you there is a video special for this episode on YouTube. So if you want to know what the bikes we rode look like, are you curious about the Harburg mountains or what models await you in 2021, then watch this episode as a video now:

Episode 16: Cycling in Winter - Tips, Tricks & Motivation [3. December 2020]

More and more people want to cycle in the winter quarter too, which is a good thing. There is no daylight, the body runs on the back burner and we are not really motivated in the dark season. The bike is the solution here too!

Simply flood the lungs with oxygen and fresh, cold air. This not only gets your circulation going, but also strengthens your immune system, which is more important than ever right now. But cycling in winter is not always that easy. We'll tell you what you should look out for when cycling at this time of year, how to dress optimally on the bike and how to overcome your bastard.

We also deal with the topic of e-bikes. Is there anything special to consider for e-bike riders in winter? How do I properly care for my bike and what is the best way to overwinter my bike?

If you ride a lot, you should have your bike checked regularly. We recommend that maintenance is best carried out in winter. Year-round bikers in particular are safe on the road in winter and those who do not drive through winter can at least start the new season in spring without waiting.

You can already easily arrange your maintenance appointment online at

Episode 15: Company bike instead of company car [26. November 2020]

What actually is bicycle leasing? What advantages await employees and employers? Do I have to use the bike to get to work? How much can i save? Bastian Krause from Bikeleasing-Service GmbH & Co. KG and Mr. Büchsenschütz from DRK Cuxhaven / Hadeln answer these and other questions.

Episode 14: Reviews on Google & co. [21. November 2020]

"I'll never buy here again!"

"So arrogant, they just want to sell!"

"They don't even know what a spoke wrench is! So incompetent!"

Today we're dropping our pants. We talk about Google Reviews and other platforms and how we deal with bad reviews. What's the best solution for dealing with negative reviews? Do not answer? Clear? Shoot back? Listen now.

Episode 13: Legal errors on the bicycle saddle [12. November 2020]

Spreading FAKE NEWS ... it's super easy. These rumors seem to have lasted so long mainly because they are false. Not anymore! We reveal: What legal errors are there in cycling and how do you do it correctly?

Episode 12: S-Pedelecs: Real everyday heroes? [06. November 2020]

Mobility is changing and right at the forefront is the bicycle and the eBike. This episode is not about normal eBikes, but about eBikes of a very special kind - S-Pedelecs. We are huge fans of these fast eBikes, but in addition to a number of advantages, there are still some hurdles to overcome. In this episode you will find out what is going on in terms of mobility, what advantages you can enjoy with S-Pedelecs and what the industry looks like. Heiko Müller, owner of the Riese & Müller company, is our guest.