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The scripting language PHP is made up of the meanings “Hypertext Preprocessor” and “Personal Home Page Tools”. The spread in 2013 on more than 240 million websites from all over the world makes PHP the most common server-side standard among the programming languages ​​on the Internet. PHP developers and PHP programmers are in great demand in view of this widespread use and good applicability in order to set up new pages on the web and to maintain existing PHP homepages. Experts can therefore find numerous PHP projects to which they can apply on freelancermap.

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The advantages for PHP developers

In addition to the qualitative advantages (good resource management, high functionality), many PHP developers particularly appreciate the free availability and the strong community that results from it. The open source project can also be used across systems and browsers, which means that PHP programmers generally have to deal with few restrictions during development. Individual browser functions can still be addressed, which makes the best possible implementation for experts very easy and enables a variety of projects to do with the World Wide Web.

As already mentioned, the PHP scripting language is influenced by the community and numerous creative programmers and developers. In relevant forums on the web, topics related to website programming are discussed. Many PHP developers share their code in script exchanges with other programmers and give each other advice on topics such as Zend, databases, frameworks such as Symfony and Zend as well as the correct implementation of applications. PHP projects are also awarded in forums. However, if you want to search for a PHP project easily and comfortably, you will find it difficult to avoid project platforms such as freelancermap.

Projects for PHP programmers

In order to monetize PHP skills, many programmers work freelance on various PHP projects. Special project exchanges are an ideal environment for PHP developers to find jobs on the web. Companies will find companies who carefully list their knowledge and areas of application in PHP development. In the profile, developers can list their previous PHP projects and special experiences with frameworks such as Zend or Symfony. PHP websites that have already been created are also very interesting for inquiring companies, as they are the most impressive proof of the ability to program correctly. The respective specialists in the company can use this to compare the skills of the PHP developers and make a decision with which programmer the project and the tasks will be implemented. The high demand for PHP websites means that PHP programmers usually get a lot of projects.

Thanks to the strong PHP community, it is not too difficult for beginners to become a PHP developer. Lots of tutorials are a good starting point and every framework like Zend and Symfony is well explained. On the web, programmers explain step by step how to use databases, with which young developers can acquire stable specialist knowledge about PHP.

PHP frameworks and development of PHP

PHP is continuously being developed and has now reached version 5.4.11 (January 2013). PHP developers follow this evolution very closely, as new functions are constantly being added and bugs are being fixed.

Some PHP programmers use the Zend framework in addition to Symfony. Like PHP, Zend is also constantly under development, which means that both Zend and PHP must be continuously updated.

MySQL databases are also closely linked to PHP, and PHP developers use their interconnection during programming. For this, both PHP and MySQL must be installed on the respective server or system. If programmed correctly, PHP developers can read the MySQL database correctly.