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03/23/2020: New release: “Bible misunderstood!” (Ed. by Thomas Hieke and Konrad Huber; Stuttgart: Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2020)

Incorrect understanding of the Bible - it is often annoying in the press, on the Internet, but also in church contexts. The Bible is often used as an argument for this or that position - unjustifiably. The authors of this book deal professionally with the Bible every day. They clarify misinterpretations, translation errors and prejudices, explain wrong approaches and misuse of the texts, for example on topics such as creation, the fall of man, ideas of God, women, homosexuality or anti-Semitism. They also show that traditions like the “three kings” and sayings like “from Saul to Paul” do not come straight from the Bible. The short articles are written with a wink, relaxed and easy to understand, but always serious and based on the latest scientific findings. The reading is not only entertaining, but also promises aha-experiences, instructional and comforting things. Finally you will find the arguments you have been looking for for a long time!

“What a great book! When was the last time I sat in front of the table of contents of a theological book, smiling or laughing out loud ?! "

Bibliographical reference: Thomas Hieke and Konrad Huber (eds.), Bible misunderstood. Persistent misinterpretations of biblical texts explained (Stuttgart: Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2020). 300 pages. ISBN 978-3-460-25527-2. € 22.95 (D).

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Palm Sunday 2020 and the blood call in the Gospel of Matthew: A correction by Boris Repschinski from “Bible misunderstood”

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Another blatant example of “Bible misunderstood” and misused - this time from the USA - and here is the opinion of the Society of Biblical Literature, which condemns this action in the strongest possible way. Thank you, SBL!

The Catholic Sunday Gazette (Stuttgart) brings excerpts and commentary summaries to contributions in “Bible misunderstood” (Klaus Gasperi; with kind permission):

Pious liberator or cowardly murderess? (Judit) (on the article by Elisabeth Birnbaum); Interview with Prof. Hieke (Catholic Sunday Gazette 23/2020)

Pain and hardship as God's will? (on the articles by Ilse Müllner, Carolin Neuber, Alexandra Grund-Wittenberg and Matthias Millard) (Catholic Sunday Gazette 24/2020)

A god who wants child sacrifice? (by Georg Steins; Katholisches Sonntagsblatt 25/2020)

Why the Bible is not about facts (on the articles by Thomas Schuhmacher, Andrea Taschl-Erber and Konrad Huber)

Myth, opinion, misunderstanding: The Church newspapers for the dioceses of Fulda, Limburg and Mainz (Bonifatiusbote, Der Sonntag, Glaube und Leben) presented the book through an interview: “The Bible misunderstood” (by Klaus Altenbach). PDF file with the kind permission of the church newspapers (Johannes Becher).

Bible Translations: That Evangelical parish gazette (Nicole Marten) interviewed Thomas Hieke and asked him about different interpretations of biblical passages and translation errors (PDF file with kind permission).

A radio feature of Stefanie Jeller (radio klassik stephansdom, Vienna): The Bible and its grossest misunderstandings, part 1 (with download option to listen to).

Here is the second part of Stefanie Jeller's radio feature: The Bible and its grossest misunderstandings: Why Maria Magdalena is not a sinner and the apostle Thomas is not an unbeliever ... (with download option)