How dirty motor oil

Oil leaked - danger to the environment

Fines from the individual federal states for negligent or willful pollution of the groundwater with mineral oil (in the form of engine oil or gear oil)

federal statefine
Mineral oil introduced into the groundwater
Baden-Wuerttemberg75 - 30.000 €
Bavaria100 - 25.000 €
Berlin(not specified)
Brandenburg75 - 25.000 €
Bremen100 - 100.000 €
Hamburg(not specified)
Hesse(not specified)
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania100 - 50.000 €
Lower Saxony50 - 25.000 €
North Rhine-Westphalia510 - 50.000 €
Rhineland-Palatinate76,69 - 25.564,59 €
Saarland75 - 30.000 €
Saxony100 - 50.000 €
Saxony-Anhalt(not specified)
Schleswig-Holstein75 - 25.000 €
Thuringia100 - 50.000 €

FAQ: Oil leaked

What sanctions are there if oil leaks?

Anyone who intentionally or negligently allows the groundwater to be contaminated by oil must expect a high fine. You can see how high this is in your federal state in our table.

What should I do if OIL leaks?

If you notice that oil is leaking, you should inform the fire brigade immediately. The emergency services can dispose of the oil in the best possible way.

Oil leaked: what to do?

Suddenly your on-board computer reports: The oil level is too low! You pull over and have to realize: engine oil or transmission oil has leaked! Now a towing service has to be informed and the day is over for the time being. But how do you get those oil stains off the street? And get up Loss of oil in the car a penalty? who is paying the cleaning?

Read the following article and get answers! You will also find out under adnerem whether oil on the road is a reason for that police to agree.

Oil on the street? You need to clean up!

In the above example, the towing service will advise you to: the fire brigade as soon as possible to agree. Because it's your job to make sure that it doesn't aggravation the situation arises when you have leaked oil. Your car needs to be professionally towed in order to avoid further contamination. But the resulting traces of oil must thoroughly cleaned be known as the liquid highly toxic and can quickly lead to large-scale water pollution.

The fire Department the leaked mineral oil with a special binders soak it up and remove it that way. The fire service is managed by your Liability insurance because you are liable for the damage and not your workshop or the manufacturer of the auto part in question. This applies until you can prove that the fault lies with a third party.

For Fire brigade operations citizens are normally not liable. It looks different if grossly negligent or deliberately was traded. In such cases, the municipality later sends the invoice to the person who caused the costs for the use.

Even if pure vehicle damage, such as Oil on the street, are available, the invoice is usually forwarded to the vehicle owner concerned. This is regularly taken over by the motor vehicle insurance. If your insurance company refuses to pay an invoice, you should contact one Lawyerturn.

Oil leaked from the car! What is the penalty?

When a Vehicle part defective is and therefore oil spreads on the street, so you will primarily be billed for the cleaning, which will be covered by the insurance.

So when you run out of oil you can expect No punishment. However, this changes when you do take no action to remove the mineral oil.

Tip: If only a few drops of oil have been spilled on the road, you can work on removing it yourself. For that you may never use water to wash away the oil! Suck the oil with handkerchiefs and rags on. Also cat litter and other binder can help remove the oil on the road and keep it from to seep into the ground.

The police is usually not to be informed, by the way, because the quantities of oil involved will not be so large that the following traffic will be endangered. On the other hand, the officers can be informed if, for example, a neighbor has a Oil puddle under the car and makes no move to eliminate them. Culpable incidents of this nature can very expensive and even punishable by imprisonment.


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  1. How is the illegal behavior in the GGG (-Annex B - Rn in conjunction with GGVS) legally recognized in the event of (repeated) contamination of the roadway by leaking oil from a parked truck?

  2. With me, right from the living room window is a beautiful meadow, it was always peaceful and green, now my neighbor is parking on it with his excavator, trailer and cars, this property does not belong to him but he mows the lawn for the owner Year, is that allowed? ... The lawn is black now and then, I don't know if the oil is, it's sad, is that okay ... ????

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